The Art of Self Care is a multi-modal, broad spectrum approach to self care wrapped around a core of yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices and personal growth. It is what I call my healing arts.

The yoga I teach and the wellness-based therapies I offer include1-to-1 sessions, private and group instruction in St. Barth or on location, and wellness-purposed travel to specific destinations for exhilarating and transformative spiritual adventure and initiation. In addition to scheduled workshops and retreats ( join me this year in St. Barth, Montana or Peru), I create, curate and lead theme-based workshops that can be run anywhere in the world; in your home, your business or hotel. Or we can create a built-to-spec program.

I offer you over 30 years of training, and my personal "10 000” teaching and consulting hours spent improving the physical, mental and emotional registries we as humans experience.

I look forward to putting my life skills and art to work practicing and growing with you.

Diana Bourel, Founder
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The Art of Self Care detox workshop

Diana Bourel allows guests to experience an alternative and medically sound way of caring for themselves in ways that will improve their general health.
It’s easy, looking at this brightly colored caterpillar, to understand what it will become. It happens through the natural process of transformation, programmed to evolve, transform and take flight.
But how does the process of evolution look when it comes to humans?
In watching and facilitating transformation over the past three decades, I have been able to see what’s next for us; change that leads us through personal portals where we operate at higher levels of our intelligence, our health, our spirituality and our humanity.

The Art of Self Care is a knowingly crafted, carefully curated detox experience based on my experiences in Asia, and three decades as a yoga instructor and transpersonal therapist. A Detox program combines daily yoga practice a a juice and detox menu for the week. We can do this in your home or business, or bring in a specialized chef.

In addition, I will give three special detox-specific classes to teach breath work, movement and deep yogic relaxation techniques designed to support your body while it clears toxins out of your organs, soft tissues, and blood, and restores your body and mind to its natural state of good, vibrant, glowing health.

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I once attended a talk that Gurumayi Chivalananda gave at the Siddha Yoga center in upstate  New York many years back. This petite and unassuming woman , who became the spiritual…

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