Private Yoga

As humans, we have a remarkable vocabulary of movement as well as a capacity to reason that is unique to our species. We don’t practice the same way at 20 as we do when we are 50, when we are on top of the world or moving through grief.

Our practice must reflect where we are in our lives. The yoga I teach seeks to meet you wherever you are along the road, providing you with a practice that can help you feel better than ever.

Yoga is a science and an art, and the medicine it provides allows us to offset some of the problems that arise over time. Emotional and intellectual stress can leave telltale signs on our organs, muscles and nervous system, reducing our vitality and resistance. Injury and trauma can chisel away at our inherent freedom of movement , sometimes to the point that whole areas of the body and mind can feel disinherited, breath and awareness reduced.

Private Yoga

Each class is student- specific, with poses, sequences and corrections that meaningfully improve your wellbeing: greater ease of movement, improved joint action, focused understanding on how to direct energy, breath and intention. Hands-on corrections, postural adjustments, a focus on the energetic navigation of each pose, attention to the connective tissues of the body and how to maintain them in good health are the tools I use to help you find your ‘zone’ while helping you establish the discipline, alignment, breath, attention, and focus that are the foundations of a healthy yoga practice.


60 minutes , 90 minutes or 120 minutes at your villa, hotel, yacht

€ 180 /hr for first two students, € 40 for each additional student.


Off-site classes and other services  can also be arranged at the Spa Excellence des Sens by Christophe Marchesseau located at the Cour Vendôme in Gustavia, at Studio Terre Happy in Marigot or online.

T 59 0590 29 48 10

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