Water Yoga St Barth

Aquavit Water Yoga St Barth

Aquavit Water Yoga St Barth: Great class for families or groups practicing together

60 minutes

Try my 60-minute signature water class (pool or ocean, Aquavit Water Yoga St Barth) using water noodles , safe even if you are water-shy. A series of conditioning exercises take asana principles into water, where balance is a moment-by-moment event. We’ll work with pelvic floor to strengthen core muscles, and through locomotion and static exercises, alternate cardiovascular conditioning and strength training with a yogic awareness. Extremely effective in improving micro-circulation, combatting cellulite and toning your entire body, Aquavit Yoga is also excellent if you are recovering from surgery, nursing a wound, or contending with mobility restrictions that require effective reduced impact activity. Please come in bathing suit and bring towels, water goggles (optional), and a good supply of sun screen, water hats and sun glasses.

€ 180 /hr for first two students, € 40 for each additional student.

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