Grief Work


Grief Work – Individual 60 minutes – remote or live

€ 225 / hr

10-Pack Series : € 2000

When someone you love dies, is ill, when you’ve received a life-threatening diagnosis, lost your job, faced catastrophe, you enter a strange world, bound by the borders of grief.

Navigating loss, the uncertainty of changes, the emotional swings, physiological changes and the brain drain that occur as a result is challenging. Even when you are  emotionally well-equipped to handle adversity, adjusting to the normal requires time, support and understanding.

« Grieflings » is a body of work that came from my own recent losses : the death of my parents, my husband and a young man who was a live-in student and family friend, all within a 2-year period. Grief Work, The tool kit I put together is life-tested. It helps you move through the stages of grief with self-compassion, an awareness of impermanence, and homework, so you can begin to measure healing and improvement. Patience, perseverance and in time, even this shall pass.


St Barth Yoga & Wellness Association

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