Bio-Energetic and Shamanic Healing Work


My passion lies in accompanying people through the vital, scary, chaotic and raucously beautiful world of transformation. I help bring words and understanding to that process, connecting the seemingly parenthetical and ephemeral experiences of spiritual understanding to everyday applications for more fulfilling lives. 

In the multi-layered world of transformation, there is no blanket formula that will work for every individual. That is why there are different paths, and I have learned that  all the spiritual portals lead to a sacred core. 

I celebrate this diversity and your uniqueness. When doing a healing session, it is your uniqueness that informs the session, so I may use a combination of therapeutic modalities, or choose a specific one. The tool box is  filled with possibilities.  In stillness, we intuitively collaborate and let the best answer arise.  I use touch, sound, voice, muscle testing, different energetic exercices and protocols  to liberate awareness within you. 

€ 225/ 60 minutes 

Personal Development

St Barth Yoga & Wellness Association

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