Big Sky, Montana Retreat

The panoramic Rocky Mountains and the blue Montana sky are the backdrop
for the third Fall edition of the St Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge.
Diana Bourel will be leading the yoga, meditation & transpersonal program at the The View, our headquarters for the retreat.
You’ll practice in a state of the art yoga studio equipped with 2 yoga wall stations.

Instruction will be provided in both English & French.
The excursions and activities have been thoughtfully curated by Ghislaine and Philippe Stouvenot. They have an intimate knowledge of the region and have once again generously invited us to share their wonderful space for this retreat.

Every afternoon, the restorative magic of fresh air, wilderness, and Montana’s beauty will lead us deeper & deeper into the paths less travelled. Chef Philippe Masseglia will be nourishing us with his signature gourmet cuisine meals


Big Sky Yoga Retreat Montana 3rd Edition Sept 2 - 10 - 2023

Diana Bourel

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