Body Tuning Yoga

Body Tuning yoga is a therapeutic approach to yoga that expands the body-mind connection. The Body Tuning method of physical therapy was created by Shmuel Tatz and developed by Glenn Black into a yoga context.

Using advanced yoga teachings, classic yoga asanas and corrective therapeutic exercises, students learn how to unlock areas of their body where movement and life have been impaired. The result of this challenging and highly spirited yoga practice is a sense of spaciousness, awareness and freedom, improved balance, greater core strength and the development of inner skill like mindfulness. As hips open, shoulders unlock, ribs expand and breath improves, students feel both wonder and delight to see how their bodies really are instruments that with proper tuning, can once again play the remarkable and vibrant song of life.

Body Tuning Yoga is suitable for all practice levels, from absolute yoga beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. Please dress comfortably so that your clothes do not inhibit movement.

60 minutes / 90 minutes

€ 150 /hr for first two students, € 30 for each additional student

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