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My passion lies in accompanying people through the vital, scary, chaotic and raucously beautiful world of transformation. I help bring words and understanding to that process, connecting the seemingly parenthetical and ephemeral experiences of spiritual understanding to everyday applications for more fulfilling lives.  Transpersonal work is the pyscho-spiritual suite of therapies, which moves us toward wholeness.


Individual 60 minutes – remote or live

€ 175/ hr
10-Pack Series : € 1 600

In the multi-layered world of transformation, there is no blanket formula that will work for every individual. That is why there are different paths and modalities.

When doing a Coming Home healing session, it is your uniqueness that informs the our work, so I may use a combination of therapeutic modalities that may include past life work, channeling, soul retrieval, digito-pressure, bio-energetic tuning and energetic tracking. I may also single out a specific method. Protocols help in assessing need, technique in applying corrections, but it is in the Art of Self Care that we practice and hear what is needed to re-ignite the pulse.


Individual 60 minutes – remote or live

€ 200 / hr
10-Pack Series : € 1 750

On a daily basis, executives and entrepreneurs deal with issues that other people never have to face. Among them, the isolation and the vulnerability of being at the top. As captain of the ship, you may feel so burdened with responsibility in an always-evolving market that sleep patterns, control issues, and basic human values like trust take a hit. As best-of self care breaks down into eating on the run, self-medication, or shutting down, you may have dreamed of a better way that keeps you from ‘de-humanizing’. From the boardroom to the staff room, the living room or the bedroom, these fault lines may occur, taking their toll on both your personal and professional life and the ME you used to like.

Using a multi-disciplinary, highly personalized and strictly confidential approach to healing that provides you with a safe container, Diana Bourel helps the executive past stress, anxiety and depression, Real life roadmaps, recipes for recovery, and postcards from the Intelligent Edge.

Discuss how to bring Diana Bourel and the Art of Self Care into your workplace. Custom packages.

Individual 60 minutes – remote or live

€ 175 / hr
10-Pack Series : € 1600

When someone you love dies, is ill, when you’ve received a life-threatening diagnosis, or you’ve lost your job, faced catastrophe, you enter a strange world, bound by the borders of grief. Navigating loss, the uncertainty of changes, the emotional swings, physiological changes and the brain drain that occur as a result is challenging, even when one is emotionally well-equipped to do so. Diana presents techniques and life-tested support tools that have helped her to move through the recent loss of her parents and husband.

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