The Art of Self-Care by Diana Bourel

Diana Bourel brings is a creative wellness professional, therapist and yoga instructor who brings over 30 years of experience in the field of wellness.
Her range and training extend include transpersonal work, TCM, stress management, mindfulness practices and meditation.

In the wellness and hospitality business sector, through visiting consultancies and ground breaking modules created for luxury hotels, Diana Bourel adds value to existing spa programs as a wellness artist recognized and respected for her authenticity and range. In the private sector, the 1-to-1 contact and personalized attention create a powerful and uncompromising sense of safety, care and confidentiality for each client and student.

Let The Art of Self Care help you create transformative and life defining experiences.

St Barth Islanders

Diana Bourel


Diana studied with me for a Kriya Yoga training at Samasati Retreat Center in the rainforest of Costa Rica. She was an attentive and serious student. Since that time we have become friends and have spent time on St. Barth discussing various aspects of healing, which she has a great understanding of. But it is her intuition that sets her apart.

Diana Bourel takes the art of yoga to new levels. She brings her knowledge of dance and music as well as the healing arts to every session.  Her incredible awareness of the emotional state of her clients allows her to create a unique experience in each session, custom-tailored to the client’s need that day. I’ve practiced yoga for many years in many countries and I have found her to be the best of all. She makes her classes into wonderfully unique, growing experiences for her students. On St Barths there is no equal.


GLENN BLACK - yoga instructor at Omega Institute

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