Ready to dive deep into your health journey ? Contact me today to learn more & reserve your spot in this life-changing retreat.

Embark on a transformative journey of self discovery & rejuvenation at the 16th annual Saint Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge & Yoga University.

From July 11 to August 11, 2024, treat yourself to a world of Yoga, Meditation, Self-Care, held at the chic seaside Manapany Hotel & Spa in Anse des Cayes, Saint Barthélémy. This is not just any Yoga retreat.
It’s a unique invitation to awaken your senses, revitalize your body, reconnect with the vibrant rhythm of your soul & be supported by a welcoming community.

Take this precious opportunity to invest in your well-being, to step away from the stress & anxiety of everyday life, & to return invigorated, replenished, & profoundly renewed.

Your guide on this path of holistic transformation is Diana Bourel, the experienced Founder of Art of Self Care & Creator of the St Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge & Yoga University.

Alongside a team of dedicated teachers, artists & healers,Diana invites you to craft Diana invites you to craft your own wellness journey to your design.

With a selection of 25 classes & activities each week, you can tailor your experience to your desires. You have the freedom to join us at any point during the retreat & choose a package that fits your needs, from a drop-in session to a weekend masterclass or the full Summer Camp experience. This summer, step into a realm where wellness meets wonder.

Each year St Barth Summer Camp features a unique theme to guide your inner exploration. For this new edition, we embark on the Hero’s Myth, a universal story of initiation, from call and inner command to transformation. Ancient wisdom meets the power of yoga & the compelling narrative you are ready to create. Through dedicated yoga practices, mindful movement, interactive study, we will dive deep into the key stages of this adventure :

Identifying the Call
What internal or external spark ignites your own journey ? What life event sounds the gong for change ?
Identifying the resources and tools, both internal & external that allow you to support growth. We will become familiar with the different parts of ourselves, working towards a sense

Embodying the Hero
of coordinated wholeness and maturity.

Facing Challenges
What are the obstacles we face? Let’s meet the stagnation and overwhelm that keep us in the freeze response. Nervous system regulation & somatic exercises will further help us increase our tolerance windows to meet life’s challenges and reinvent our calm aliveness.

Mining the lessons kindling new & better patterns
Resetting old patterns requires a compelling new story, one in which we can achieve our goals and dreams for ourselves and cultivate satisfaction, gratitude & appreciation. Here we fold in the pause, the meditation.

Bringing the transformation back into your daily life

How to integrate the teachings & new experiences into our biology, our neurology & our psychology. Can we become the expression of our own wisdom selves?


The Manapany Hotel & Spa is a luxury eco-resort in Saint Barth, part of the family owned & operated B Signature Hotels & Resorts.
The 43-room luxury boutique resort strikes the perfect blend of casual elegance and service, a perfect fit for the Summer Camp program.
Our outdoor practice space faces the ocean & at night, we practice under the stars.
Our afternoon classes & weekend workshops find shade & comfort in a room that is perfect for learning and practicing together. Culinary delights : Savor international cuisine with a regional flair at the hotel’s indoor-outdoor restaurants.
Bar side serenity : Unwind with your favorite beverage by the pool, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.
Indulge in self-care : Pamper yourself with a rejuvenating spa treatment or refreshing massage.

The hotel offers St Barth package rates for your Summer Camp stay. For more information, please contact the hotel directly.

The St Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge is an à la carte wellness event open to all levels of practice, from beginner to professional – Hatha Yoga – Yoga Therapy – Aqua Yoga – SoundBath
– Nervous system regulation – Yoga Zen – Meditation – Hiking Mindfulness Practices – Yoga University Workshops & moreExperience yoga like never before

Ocean front practice
Breathe in the salty air & soak in breathtaking views during morning sessions
Starlit evenings
Unwind under a blanket of stars during serene evening practices Tranquil learning space
Afternoon classes & workshops unfold air conditioned comfortable haven
Beyond the mat
Weekly island hikes, discover the magic of Saint Barth with curated excursions & activities
And the ocean
The low impact, sheer joy of Aqua Yoga moving in the water & shaping you up body.

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The Yoga University is an invitation to explore the depths of consciousness within our unique laboratory. Experience firsthand the expertise, warmth, & profound knowledge of Yoga U’s diverse teaching faculty. Guided by the framework of the Hero’s Journey, faculty members will delve into the various phases of transformation, utilizing their distinct professional perspectives to illuminate how we navigate and integrate change, novelty, adversity through somatic, emotional, psychological, & physiological dimensions.

Enjoy this curated blend of soulful insights, scientific understanding, entrepreneurial acumen, artistic expression, dynamic movement, philosophical wisdom, & playful exploration.
The Yoga University Masterclasses are held in the Meeting Room at the Manapany Hotel every Saturday & Sunday afternoon from 2:30-5:30 pm throughout the four- week retreat.

The fee for each master class is 50€ unless otherwise specified.
The fee for each master class is 50€, unless otherwise specified
All Workshops are in Manapany Hotel.


Founder & Principal Teacher of St Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge Edition 16. A visionary leader in holistic wellness, Diana Bourel brings over three decades of expertise to the mat. With deep roots in yoga, transpersonal training, & complementary healing modalities, Diana has crafted transformative experiences for discerning clients worldwide. Her journey into wellness began in the early ’90s, where she studied Iyengar yoga & Hatha Yoga in the US and France.

Certified at the 500+ hour level from the Sivananda Vedanta School, Diana continued her education across diverse lineages, including Bikram Hot Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Vinyasa & Ashtanga. As a pioneering force in luxury resort wellness programming, Diana designed successful mind-body-spirit initiatives at prestigious destinations like Cap Juluca in Anguilla and consulted at renowned resorts such as Chiva-Som & Kamalaya in Thailand.
She then launched the St Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge & Yoga University, now in its 16th edition, & the Big Sky retreat, now in its 4th edition. She also plant medicine journeys in the Amazon.
Diana honed her skills as a kinesiology facilitator with the French school Corps- Mémoire created by Françoise Tainon, bio-energetic transpersonal work under Patrick Drouot in Paris, & later added acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) certification through the French Vietnamese Institute of Traditional Oriental Medicine(IFTVMO).
Fascinated by indigenous wisdom, Diana delved deeper into traditional plant medicine in the Meso-Amazonian tradition with master vegetalista Don José Campos.
Since then, she has expanded her knowledge base with additional trainings & certifications in trauma-specific yoga therapy, movement, stress management & auto-regulation of the autonomic nervous system.
She is an ATMA-certified Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist, & has also completed the professional Track of the trauma-specific Biology of Freeze with leading expert Dr. Aimée Apigian.
With a passion for integrating diverse disciplines, Diana offers a unique learning experience that blends scientific exploration with cultural richness and spiritual growth.

Instagram @dianabourelartofselfcare

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