The Intelligent Edge A Toolkit for Executives

The Intelligent Edge – Individual 60 minutes – remote or live

€ 225 / hr
10-Pack Series : € 2000

On a daily basis, executives and entrepreneurs deal with issues that other people never have to face. Among them, the isolation and the vulnerability of being at the top. You may feel so burdened with the responsibilities you assume in an ever-evolving market that sleep patterns, control issues, and basic human values like trust take a hit.From the boardroom to the staff room, the living room or the bedroom, these fault lines may occur, taking their toll on both your personal and professional life. As best-of self care breaks down into eating on the run, self-medication, or shutting down, it may be difficult to find an internal refuge or simply an ability to release your jaw and relax.

Using a multi-disciplinary, highly personalized and strictly confidential approach to healing that provides you with a safe container, Diana Bourel helps the executive past stress, anxiety and depression, with real life roadmaps, recipes for recovery, and a practical  understanding of how to find a healthier  Intelligent Edge.

Please ask  about customized packages and how to bring Diana Bourel and the Art of Self Care into your workplace for team building and coaching.

Personal Development

The Intelligent Edge makes Life Better

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