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Diana Bourel is a creative wellness professional, therapist and yoga instructor who brings over 30 years of experience in the field of wellness and Private Event Planning
Her range and training extend include transpersonal work, TCM, stress management, mindfulness practices and meditation.

In the wellness and hospitality business sector, through visiting consultancies and ground breaking modules created for luxury hotels, Diana Bourel adds value to existing spa programs as a wellness artist recognized and respected for her authenticity and range. In the private sector, the 1-to-1 contact and personalized attention create a powerful and uncompromising sense of safety, care and confidentiality for each client and student.

Private Event Planning: Let The Art of Self Care help you create transformative and life defining experiences.


Planning a private event can be intimidating. Let the Art of Self Care make planning the Wellness Experience easier.

The Art of Self Care offers customized packages for your private event, tailored specifically to your needs.

 Whether you are hosting a destination event, looking to bring  the Art of Self Care team to your home,  business or yacht, integrating an event into a larger event, like a wedding, vow renewal, or a girlfriends holistic getaway, Diana makes the planning seamless, interactive and easy. 

Weaving an Art of Self Care wellness segment into seminars and corporate group trips can be the perfect opportunity to work in a pleasant environment and encourage team spirit, personal growth and glowing health. 

The Art of Self Care packages  can be creatively sculpted for groups looking for cutting edge modalities, mindfulness training, stress management and  relaxation.

Call Diana to discuss your needs and ideas, and then make the magic happen!
Off-site classes and other services  can also be arranged at the Spa Excellence des Sens by Christophe Marchesseau located at the Cour Vendôme in Gustavia, at Studio Terre Happy in Marigot or online.

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