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Personal initiative and community-based action have immensely influenced what people refer to as the spirit, or the soul of St. Barth. The St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge is part of that island soul. Now in its 11th season, this a-la-carte wellness event is an opportunity for the island’s yoga community to practice, learn and grow together. Open to all levels, the SBSCYC’s flexible format lets you choose your schedule, from a single drop in class to full immersion. Join Diana and her special guests for a golden summer of community and sharing. Villa Seascape, Pointe-Milou, St. Barth, from July 15-August 15, 2019.


St- Barth.

It’s on! The 11th edition of St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge from  July 15-August 15 at Villa Seascape in Pointe Milou. Special guests Santhanam, from India, Ustad Daod from Berlin, Greg Bosc, Loana Junco, Olivier Dorne, Kim, and chef Kristine Kelly will be joining us for an amazing summer of learning and growth.

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Big Sky, Montana.

Yogis!!! We’re going West, and the big blue Montana sky is the limit. This retreat, from Sept 15-22,  combines yoga, transpersonal work, a private chef, a stellar venue, and some awesome hikes and excursions to some wonderful natural treasures, including Yellowstone National Park  A few places left.

Pucallpa, Peru.

Healing with Plants— Shamanic healing in the Peruvian Amazon.
Step out of your comfort zone to confront the adventure of becoming as you work with both your shadow and your light. From September 27-October 10. Fly into Pucallpa, Peru for the start of our transpersonal adventure. Spots are limited and applications must be approved through an interview process.

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