St Barth season 2022/2023

Greetings to all, It is my pleasure to Welcome you to a new Saint Barth season of Yoga, Wellness and Mindfulness practices.

The Art of Self Care is a multi-modal, broad spectrum approach to Self Care wrapped around a solid core of Yoga, Meditation, Personal Growth, Healing sessions & Discovery Hikes. It is what I call my healing arts.
In addition to the services I offer, which include group & private Yoga instruction, Transpersonal & Bioenergetic Work, Wedding Officiation, Meditation, Water Yoga & hiking, experience the power of the Alchemy of Possibilités® by Anne-Sophie Heckel.

It is a pleasure to introduce you to the three other Art of Self Care team members and to the wonderful work they are doing : Greg Bosc, Anouka & Camille.
I am excited by the collaboration and synergy of our healing work.
I invite you to check out their bios and see the work they are offering this season.

Greg grew up in St Barth. He is a holistic health practitioner, an explorer of the Inner worlds with a passion for sound & consciousness. The wide understanding of how those systems affect each other is how Greg approaches holistic wellness. In other words, how to get the whole system operating in optimal coherency and harmony. He is always expanding the reach of his practice and proposes a wide variety of services to specifically meet his clients needs, from single sessions to complete specific programs. He has thoroughly studied sound and consciousness, with a wide understanding in Sound & vibrational Healing modalities as well as psycho- energetic work.
With his very singular perspective on wellness he is offering unique experiences in the field of wellness in Saint Barth. Treat yourself with a Sound Bath in the comfort of your villa with your loved ones. Or get a very tailored tuning of your energetic system during a series of tuning forks session. Experience the art of ATMA Janzu, an amazing & unique holistic journey to experience in our beautiful waters.

Anouka has always been attracted to health & well being, with an organic farmer father & a Reiki master mother. Her first practice was energy, in parallel with this Reiki training she felt the need to be able to offer different tools to a better match with the unique character of each. She followed different massotherapy trainings including Swedish massage, the traditional Thai Watpo, including specific treatments fascias therapy & stretching. This has opened a new door which is today the main one : yoga.
Trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa & Yin with Jamie Lee, Vinyasa sequence with Dina Tsouluhas & David Testo. Inspired by a regular workshop (Eddie Modistini, Dylan Werner …). She has been filled for more than ten years with teaching her passion. Working in different private sectors, the emphasis is always to offer the autonomy of full health to everyone.

Camille encountered the practice of Hatha Yoga as a teenager and trained in the traditional way over several years with a yoga master and teacher. Engaged in the understanding of the being and human being, Camille has followed a Tantra training which permits her to learn tools for emotional liberation through breath work, meditation & movement.
Her training and experience with Reiki, makes her sessions complete & precise, working on all strata of being.
Camille will guide you, sharing with you her practice & therapeutic care in order to allow you to access the tools available for an autonomous practice & to support your self-development allowing you to understand yourself, welcome yourself & connect body to soul.

Diana’s Group class rates :
35 euros single class
175 euros for 5 pack series
325 euros for 10 pack series

Private sessions :
Available by appointment
180 euros for first two students
40 euros for each additional student


Is the founder of Art of Self Care, the creator of St Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge & other wellness programs that she has created in the Caribbean, North and South America and in Asia.
Diana trained In the early 90’s with Patrick Drouot in Bionergetics, Francoise Tainon and the Corps-Mémoire School of Kinesiology. And is cross-certified from a number of different yoga schools :
Ashtanga Yoga Montreal, Sivananda Yoga Vedanta, Body Tuning, Yoga Synergy .
In 2007, she started studying with Don Jose Campos, one of the world’s most respected teachers in plant medicine, and in Vipassana meditation.
She was certified in acupuncture from the Franco-Vietnamese Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine.
More recently, she has dedicated herself to fascia, trauma work and other bio-energetic techniques which include l’Alchimie des Possibilités®, breath work and mindfulness practices. She runs private workshops and has focused her practice and teaching on Hatha Yoga, Trauma work, Bioenergetic and shamanic healing, myofascial release & pain management.

Instagram @dianabourelartofselfcare

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