Aqua Yoga St Barth

Aquavit Water Yoga St Barth

Aquavit Water Yoga St Barth:
Great class for families or groups practicing together

Aqua Yoga is a signature water class using a pair of water noodles that I developed over a decade of practice. It is a series of remarkably effective conditioning exercises, water spinning and dance barre moves that alternate locomotion and balance, dynamic and static exercises, cardiovascular conditioning and strength training , all with yogic awareness. This full-body workout targets all muscles from top to bottom, strengthens core and tones limbs.
Extremely effective in improving micro-circulation, combatting cellulite and toning your entire body, Aqua Yoga is also an excellent physical activity if you want to stay fit and mobile but are recovering from surgery, nursing a wound, or contending with mobility restrictions that require effective reduced impact activity.
Please come in bathing suit and bring towels, water goggles (optional), and a good supply of sun screen, water hats and sun glasses.

€ 180 /hr for first two students, € 40 for each additional student. Private group rates for 4 students or more / 50 € per person

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