St Barth Summer Camp
Yoga Challenge
14th Edition
July 15-August 15.2022
at Hotel Manapany & Spa

I cordially invite you to join me and a great team of teachers & healers at the Hotel Manapany & Spa, Anse des Cayes.

From July 15 through August 15, 2022. Saint Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge & Yoga University. for the 14th edition

I’ve created a stimulating summer program of yoga, meditation, personal growth and self care practices that create all the conditions for you to thrive.

This year, we will be studying change as a journey of empowerment. We will be summoning change in body, breath, mind, attentively leaning in to practices & techniques that can help to feel young & healthy and vibrantly alive. We will explore how we activate the alchemy of new and better possibilities for our lives as we define and embody the art of our own self care. Together, let's journey towards empowerment.

Open to all levels practice and experience in yoga, meditation and breath work, the St Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge is at its essence an "à la carte" experience. With over 25 weekly scheduled classes and events to choose from, you choose the level of immersion and participation you wish, and you can join our community at any time during the month.
As places are limited, register early to save your spot.


Summer Camp Teaser

Diana Bourel

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