St Barth Summer Camp 14


In the Quantum field everything is a vibration

None of us really know that life will be the adventure it turns out to be. Wrong turns became new roads, new openings, new opportunities. The events once seen as errors become life lessons.

We can choose to emerge wiser, to rise above, to stand tall and to move forward. If you can connect to that feeling,
if you can lower your barriers & your resistance and open up to this field of dreams, all things become possible.

When we tag into the Source, our efforts can only meet with success. We follow the principles of Universal awareness.
I have spent countless hours over this past year attending workshops & certification programs in the field of Vibrational, Quantic, Spatial Medicine.

I have studied with experts in the different fields of Science & Yoga who are taking the game to a new level.
I have been changing my own life, redefining how I want to stand in my dream, with lucidity and clarity, in my own power and with full agency.

I invite you to join me.
My challenge to you for the 14th Edition of theSaint Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge and Yoga University is to discover how to vibrate & resonate with the world beyond your limitations. Discover who are you, who are you becoming when you lower the barriers & raise your frequency to reflect pure awareness.

We will travel the planes of existence by going from the denser physical layers into ever more subtle vibrational experiences so that the light we shine can raise the gaze for ourselves, our families & communities.
My YOGA University guests this year include Camp favorites Greg Bosc, Olivier Dorne & Romain Vallet & introduce some very special guests in the field of Art, Environment & Business.

I invite you to join me on a journey that will nourish all the different parts of you and allow you to use the tools and experiences you learn to create a better relationship to the world in which you live.

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SPECIAL THANKS TO the Office of Tourism in Saint Barth, the Collectivité,
Hotel Manapany, Nathalie Esperabé, Gilles Boutault, all of the St. Barth Summer Camp teaching staff, and to you, participants, who make this such a magical event each year!


Attention !
The number of spots available this year are limited and will be assigned on the basis of early registration.
Once you’ve selected the type of subscription you want, contact me via WhatsApp, email or SMS and I will send you a remote secure link to pay via credit card. You can also pay by wire transfer.
Once I have received your payment, a signed copy of your registration and waiver form, you are officially registered.
Please note that you are not required to attend the entire month.
It is possible to come for the time you are in St Barth by purchasing a Weekly pass or a 10- pack. Single classes are only available for outdoor classes and Sound Bath.
If you register for Unlimited weekly pass, indicate the week(s) you will be participating
Drop in classes are only available if space provides, for the Aqua yoga, Discovery Hike,
Sound Bath or remote attendance via Zoom.
For Yoga University workshops, some workshop are free to unlimited pass participants, others are 50€ for the 3 hour workshops.
If you are not a Summer Camp participant or you have a 10-pack and would like to attend a workshop, the cost is €50 and is based on availability of spots. 


Payment by credit card, secure remote payment link, cash, bankwire Please note that some of the Yoga University workshops are free to participants with an unlimited Summer Camp pass, others are not. For Yoga University workshops, some workshop are free to unlimited pass participants, others are 50€ for the 3 hour workshops.
If you are not a Summer Camp participant or you have a 10-pack and would like to attend a workshop, the cost is €50 and is based on availability of spots All classes, class packs and passes must be paid in advance, and a waiver release form must be signed before attending your first class.
Passes are valid only for the duration of Summer Camp.
No refunds will be granted for any unused classes. 


The St.Barth Summer Camp will comply with all the latest government regulations and safety measures. While you are walking around the Cheval Blanc, we ask that you wear your mask to and from class while on hotel property. You can remove it once you are in the practice space located at the hotel restaurant in the main building, or if you are dining in the hotel restaurant.
Please, come to class with your own mat and personal water bottle. If you don’t have your own yoga mat, I will have mats available for sale or for rent. Antibacterial and antiviral spray is available for common use. Please, spray the yoga equipment you will be using both before and after class.
For the safety of all concerned, do not attend classes if you are feeling unwell, running a fever, have a cold or flu-like symptoms or if you suspect you have been in contact with the COVID 19 virus.
If you have not been fully vaccinated and feel you may be at risk for contracting COVID, please, protect yourself by wearing a mask or, consider following the mat classes remotely.
I know I can count on your full cooperation to help me keep everyone safe and healthy during our golden summer retreat and thank you in advance.


For your safety, in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane,
St. Barth Summer Camp will adhere strictly to the official instructions issued by local government and hotel policy.
In case of mandatory confinement, the program will be suspended until the hurricanewarning has been lifted.
Please note, no refunds will be given for “cause majeure”. Please take precautions and purchase travel insurance if you’re traveling from abroad.


What do you need ?

Please bring your personal yoga mat, a towel and a water bottle. Mats are available for rent or for purchase.
Rental fee : 2 €/ day

All other yoga equipment is provided.


For water classes, Aqua Yoga you’ll need sunscreen and good protection for head and eyes, and 2 water noodles. Come in your movement-friendly bathing suit (think practical!) and bring a towel. Noodles available for sale -15 €/ pair
Come in your movement-friendly bathing suit (think practical!) and bring a towel.

For power walks, you’ll need a good pair of cross-trainers, sunscreen, a personal water bottle and a hat or cap.


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Email :
Insta : @dianabourelartofselfcare
Facebook : Art of Self Care
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full access pas, Unlimited full access Summer Camp pass

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