Newsletter April 2020

Dear Friends, 

A few days ago, my Peruvian friend Mateo posted a message for the elementary and high school kids on the soccer teams he coaches. “There’s no rush to get back to soccer, because when we get back on the field, we want to be sure that no one is missing. ” 

Regardless of where you are, what you’ve had to give up, how much you miss your pre-Covid life, regardless of all that we cannot do, there is something powerful and life-affirming we can all do. 

We can wait. We can pause. We can be patient, for ourselves and for one another. 
We are each other’s why. We are the reason. 

Stay safe, help keep others safe, and let’s inch through this tunnel together.
Love, courage and strength, wherever you may be.”

April 3-April 15 


YOGA For Confinement — 60 minutes  
Platform : ZOOM & Instagram click on story meeting ID: 504-731-0547 password: 97133

Time: 10 am EST in French and 4:30 pm in English

Cost: 10 euros per class or what you can afford through

Wednesday at 11:30 am EST Ayastories – 60 minutes

Teachings from the Amazonian plant medicine. Storytelling on Zoom with special guests.

Platform : ZOOM & Instagram click on story meeting ID: 504-731-0547 password: 97133

Cost : FREE

Thursday Online recorded Meditation for Confinement – 60 minutes

As part of the ongoing Meditation Circle at the Anglican Church in St. Barth

Platform : Youtube St. Barts Anglican Church Channel

Cost : FREE

Friday at 12:30 EST TGIF – 60 minutes

Join me for an online lunch with digital munchies but real friends sharing real stories, jokes and smiles 

Platform : ZOOM meeting ID: 504-731-0547 password: 97133

Cost : FREE

Saturday at 3pm EST INTERACTIVE STORYTIME FOR KIDS – 60 minutes

Classics read in English with French translations

Platform : ZOOM meeting ID: 504-731-0547 password: 97133

Cost : Draw me something and send it to me through Whatsapp +590690499921

Depending on confinement end dates I will replicate this schedule for the second half of the month.

You can contact me through Email, Instagram, Facebook or my website by clicking below.

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