Yoga, meditation and transpersonal work schedule in Saint Barth and online

 I’ve found the teachings of Atisha and the commentaries of Pema Chodron on the Lojong practice dating back to 12th century Tibet to be particularly helpful now.

Atisha reaches through time to remind us of the critical role attitude plays in the experience of life and he challenges us to use adversity as the perfect opportunity through  which to explore and mindfully choose which attitudes steer our actions. 

The 59 aphorisms or slogans  resume the essence of this mind-training  practice  to overcome mental, physical and emotional habits that cause suffering. No wonder! It is  in adversity that  old habits come flying back to goad us into recklessness.  Atisha provides a spiritual compass and attitudes to keep us on track. 

Dig in with me to deepen your practices as we explore attitude through yoga, meditation and transpersonal work this month. 

Below, you’ll find a schedule for Saint Barth and online classes.  You can schedule remote or live  private sessions in either yoga or transpersonal work through my website or by giving me a call. 

Stay healthy, stay mindful and keep in touch. 
Sending you all lots of love and gratitude for the time we share. 


YOGA For Confinement — 60 minutes  
 :  ZOOM & Instagram click on story meeting ID: 504-731-0547 password: 97133

As a teacher, this is my preferred platform because of its interactivity and sense of community.  I can see you and provide real-time corrections, comments and answers and our after-class interactions and observations are really nice.  If possible,  set up your practice space with 2 blocks, a strap, a blanket and your matTimes:      3 classes : 7 am , 10 am and 4:30 pm7 am EST mixed language Monday, Wednesday and Friday  starting May 11

10 am EST  in French Monday through Saturday

4:30 pm EST  in English  Monday through Saturday

Cost:        10 euros per class                   Paypal


Water Yoga — 60 minutes  

Time:        11: 30 am  every  Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
Venue: St-Jean Beach  by Nikki Beach Restaurant

Bring two water noodles, wear sunscreen, and join me for a wonderful outdoor water class that works your entire body and liberates your spirit. 

Cost:       25 euros per class, payable in cash or by credit card on site

**You can also schedule private classes in your pool


Thursday night at 7 pm 
Venue :  The Church Center at the Anglican Church in St. Barth

Cost : FREE and open to all levels

You can contact me through Email, Instagram, Facebook or my website.

Saint Barthélemy

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