Munay Retreat, Peru

This transformational work initiates you into healing plant medicine of the Mezo-Amazonian tradition as it has been practiced for hundreds of years by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon. We will embark on this voyage with the guidance of a vegetalista with over 30 years of experience.


Mezo-Amazonian tradition

Diana Bourel

The experience of a traditional ‘Dieta’ with medicine men and women of the Amazon is beautifully captured in Thomas Levy’s trailer, Curanderos.

I warmly invite you to step into a universe that we all intuitively remember in our very DNA. Take a few moments to enjoy the images and the interviews that will give you a glimpse of this remarkable living medicine. One of the curanderos that Thomas filmed, Jose Campos, will be leading our September medicine trip.

Thomas is in the editing process, and in the months to come, the full documentary will be available. If you’d like to follow his work, contact him at

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