Big Sky, Montana Retreat

After a terrific first edition and 16 very happy campers all reluctant to leave, the second edition of the Big Sky, Montana retreat is now on the drawing table. Dates are from Sept. 13-20, 2020, and spaces are limited. If you want to receive more information, please sign up for my newsletter.
New Dates and Details to be announced next week!
The panoramic Rocky Mountains and the blue Montana Sky are the backdrop for the first fall edition of the Art of Self Care in Big Sky. Our headquarters for this retreat is the spectacular villa The View. Recently built by architect Philippe Stouvenot and his wife Ghislaine Rey, we will practice in a state-of-the-art spacious yoga studio at the foot of the ski slope and enjoy community gourmet clean cuisine meals prepared by chef yogini Rachel Sucher. The yoga / personal growth program will be accompanied by nature discovery with hikes, excursions and even a little rockabilly. Mark the date and stay tuned!


New Dates and Details to be announced next week

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