St Barth Summer Camp 12

Like every summer for the past 12 years, The St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge and Yoga University , I cordially welcome you to join me for this island retreat focused on yoga, meditation, breath work, outdoor activities and wellness ateliers.

From July 15 through August 11, our happy place is the beautiful seaside hotel resort and spa Le Manapany in Anse des Cayes, St-Barthélemy .  I am so grateful to see all of you once again and share practice and community at such a beautiful and welcoming venue.

The Camp offers an a-la-carte approach to destination yoga retreats. You can join at any point during the Summer Camp, whatever your practice level, even beginner,  and choose from different class packages that enable you to come as often as you choose.  

The St. Barth Summer Camp and Yoga University is above all an adventure in personal growth woven around a solid core of yoga, breath work, meditation practice and personal growth workshops.

I cordially invite you to join me and discover the best of  a healthy summer in St. Barth.

Diana Bourel


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Diana Bourel

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