Big Sky Retreat


The panoramic Rocky Mountains and the blue Montana Sky are the backdrop for the first Fall edition of St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge, I co-created with our exceptional hosts, Philippe Stou- venot and Ghislaine Rey.
I’ll be leading the yoga, meditation and transpersonal program at The View.

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The panoramic Rocky Mountains and the blue Montana Sky are the backdrop for the first Fall edition of St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge. A special thanks to our hosts , architect Philippe Stouvenot and  his wife, Ghislaine Rey.

I’ll be leading the yoga, meditation and transpersonal program at their spectacular home,  The View.


This is our foot-of-the-slopes- autumnal  headquarters during  the retreat, where we will practice in a state-of-the-art spacious yoga studio at the View  and  also enjoy our  community meals.  Chef yogini Rachel Sucher will be joining us to prepare gourmet clean cuisine meals.  Every afternoon, the restorative magic of fresh air, wilderness, and Montana’s wild beauty will lead us deeper and deeper into the paths less travelled.


Price : € 1450 / $1 700 USD- full amount due at time of registration.

*Price does not include flight or transportation to and from Big Sky but does include lodging, meals, the yoga/ transpersonal program, hikes, entry to Yellowstone Park and the Museum of the Rockies, visit to Ted Turner’s ranch, a dinner at River Grill, and shared vehicle.


To register :, +590 690 499 921  /  Please specify  Big Sky, Montana on the subject line



While all yoga program, practice and meals will be held at The View, your lodgings are  just a a short walk away.  Discover the comfortable venue by clicking here: .

To visit your  communal home next door. A few spaces are left, in triple or bunk accommodations. If you want to join but need your private space, contact us for some nearby recommendations.




Sunday, Sept. 15

Settling in to your accommodations, then rendez-vous at The View for a presentation of the Yoga Retreat . After we discuss our program work and goals, our hosts par excellence, Ghis- laine Rey and Philippe Stouvenot will give us an insider’s view of Montana.

The program below gives you a general idea of the program. Weather and best-of options for hikes may indicate making changes,  so what you find on Tuesday may actually happen on Wednesday, but,   this is the mix.

There’s a morning program during the week, and also an afternoon schedule.



7 to 8 am Montana meditation 8-8:30 am Personal Pause 8:30-10 am 90-minute Hatha yoga 10-11 Breakfast

11 to 12:30 Transpersonal Atelier (* except Wednesday)

12:30-2 Lunch



 Monday, Sept. 16

2-hour discovery walk. Adapting to the altitude , Montana-style.

6:30-7:30 pm Yoga Zen practice

8 pm Dinner


Tuesday, Sept 17

Visit to Ted Turner’s ranch (30 minutes from Big Sky venue).

Ski slope zip lining for those who wish.

6:30-7:30 pm Yoga Zen practice

8 pm Dinner


Wednesday, Sept 18

Road trip to Bozeman ( a 75-minute trip) to visit the Museum of the Rockies and follow the trail of the dinosaurs. Some shopping retail on Main Street for local arts and crafts, cowboy boots, Indian jewelry and more.

7-8 Talking Circle

8 pm  Dinner


Thursday, September 19:

After a lighter yoga morning ( no transpersonal work that day) an excursion to Yellowstone National Park for a day of natural wonder.

Healthy gourmet picnic lunch and dinner included by Rachel Sucher.

Friday, September 20

Hiking the renowned Beehive Basin, a 4-hour excursion. This is an exceptional opportunity to discover Montana’s pristine  crystalline lakes, and the wild beauty of its mountains and wildlife.

7- 8 pm Meditation
8 pm Dinner


Saturday, September 21

Big Sky à la carte : an opportunity to try hiking, horseback riding, fly fishing, or dive into your favorite book (fees associated with personal activities not included in package)
Private Coming Home Transpersonal work with Diana upon request (private session not included in package)

7 pm   Integration circle, Dinner and graduation party


Sunday, September 22

Departure— Each one returning or staying in the region for more fun and exploration

To reserve your spot and you room, a 50% non-refundable deposit should be made by April 20, 2019 via Paypal to

€725 / $850 USD

I’ll send you a medical form and a waiver form to fill out and ask that you get it back to me soonest.
Getting There
Fly into Bozeman, Montana
You can book flights on United Airlines, Delta Airlines or American airlines
From New York, there are direct flights from New York- Bozeman or with connections in Den- ver, Colorado.
Big Sky is a 75-minute drive from Bozeman.
If you are arriving late on Saturday, September 14, it’s best to plan an overnight in Bozeman- Belgrade and head out the following morning. You’ll enjoy the spectacular scenery even more.

Hotel suggestions at the airport : Holiday Inn Express Belgrade

You can also find lodging 20 minutes from the airport in the center of town Bozeman at the hotel Lark.
What to bring?
Your yoga equipment!
Personal mat, 2 blocks and belt. Altitude de Big Sky: 2500 meters: To adapt to altitude, it’s best to hydrate and to avoid alcohol consumption for the first few days.
Skip the Bloody Mary on your flight!
What to pack?
Take light yoga clothes and good gear for hiking, specially good hiking shoes. Think rain gear, too. For the evening chill or early mornings, be sure to pack some sweaters.

Central to the yogic and esoteric traditions is the understanding of body layers that are more subtle than the physical body. These energetic sheaths, or koshas, as they are called in Sanskrit, have their own anatomy, their own behavioral nature. In refining these layers through purification practices based on centuries old esoteric techniques and modern science, consciousness is heightened, and, as we edge to the lightest of all the energy bodies, anandamaya kosha, bliss flows.

Diana synthesizes decades of study, practice and teaching to bring these techniques to you.

I’ve never done yoga. Can I come?

The technique does not require any previous practice or expertise in yoga. Beginners are welcome. For more experienced practitioners or professional in the health & wellness field, this workshop will provide material that is often neglected and almost never taught in standard yoga classes.

I’m recovering from an injury, have a health problem, am not flexible, am over 50?Will I be able to do this?

Yes, you can. Unless you are ill, a contra-indication for some energy work we’ll be doing, this retreat is a really special opportunity to grow. Diana and Al, aside from being skilled and gifted teachers, are careful ones. Modifications will be found to allow you to find the sensations and the proprioceptive cues we’re looking to activate. We all come with our own histories, and they’re written on both flesh and mind. This is your grist for the mill. You come as you are. Much of the course work will involve internal, energetic practices. Props and supports will be provided so you are able to access a comfortable sitting position.

How will we spend the week?

The retreat presents a 4-pronged approach to spiritual growth and health as outlined by the traditional yogic texts : this includes proper diet, proper sleep, proper exercise and practice.

Proper diet

Our food will be organic and fresh, lovingly prepared by a Rachel Sucher in a venue that is spectacular. The retreat menu, carefully designed by Diana and Rachel to support the immune system and the body’s organs of elimination will include fresh detox juices, super foods, gluten and dairy-free meals that will prompt detoxification and chase phlegm, mucous, gas and other toxins out of the body. The overall result is a feeling of energy, wakefulness and vibrancy.

Proper Exercise

Exercise is approached from the yogic perspective, so it will be both external and internal, physical and non-physical. Instead of battering muscles and hammering away at joints, we will explore intelligent edges with two primary tools : breath and awareness.

There is twice-daily yoga practice, qi cong, pranayama and other energetic techniques that will bring the body into balance.

The View is right on the slopes, so we’ll take advantage of the nature’s resources to incorporate hikes to ensure that the cardiovascular system is exercised.

Proper Relaxation

The day begins and ends with meditation. This can be considered your ‘space’ to bear witness to the transformational process occurring within you. As you learn to work with the tools and techniques that will be presented during the retreat, you will see how your mind learns to relax. The work will address the subconscious mind, where much of the anxiety and worry is stockpiled. The daily schedule will include meditation, prana will include a full immersion experience that strikes a balance between practice and rest, alone time and group time. The content is rich and complex, simmered to perfection by the years of teaching experience .

Proper Sleep

Especially in a detox process, proper sleep-and sufficient quantities of it- are critical to the success of the program. Disturbed sleep patterns can be caused by stress, hormones, improper diet….By creating the conditions for sleep, the body learns to find its natural sleep/wake cycles. Yoga Nidra, the sleep of yogis, will also be taught to help you learn how to help the body in its reparative phases of function.

Every day, there will be time off to explore your surroundings, rest, enjoy the new friends you are making, write in your journal, swim in the ocean, get a massage. Please note that private sessions with Diana are also available during the workshop, allowing students an even greater level of individualized counseling and support.

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