I am so pleased to share with you this year’s Yoga University program of strong teachers. This year’s guests :

•Morgane Bertin-Denis, sophrologue / stress management will be leading a workshop on the Synergy of our senses for a fuller, richer life.

• Laetitia Santarelli, psychotherapist, will be leading a workshop on the Synergy of Dreamwork

•Nicolas Wormser and Bryan Vezzosa , two of the island’s best osteopaths, will host workshops on cranio-sacral rhythm.

• Yves Bourel will, Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator, will be leading  a workshop on Conscious Breathing.

• Marie-Claude Garnier, a Brennan Healing Practitioner, will be leading a workshop on the energetics of creating intention that can manifest in our everyday lives

• A group of Janzu practitioners will be hosting a Janzu party, a great way to discover this awesome aquatic relaxation technique.

•The  St. Barth Juice Club, will be accompanying Summer Camp detox participants by curating two 3-day juice fasts both before and after the annual brown rice detox using macrobiotic founder Michio Kushi’s template.

• Cécile Lucot will be leading a Yoga Workshop for kids

•Diana Bourel will lead an Elder Circle- a gathering of “Silver” students who want to dance, move and free up energy and joy in their bodies.

•SO CUISINE’s Sophie Lajus will be running a workshop on Super Foods and clean eating. More details soon on dates and venue.

* Other guests may be announced weekly on St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge ‘a Facebook Group page and on my website, which also has the program and all info concerning the Summer Camp :

Week 1

Morgane Bertin-Denis

July 18 from 2-5 pm

This workshop is free to all Summer Camp participants and 25 euros for anyone not signed up in Summer Camp.

 Rediscover and rebalance your 5 senses : 

In our current socio-cultural context, our eyes are the most predominant sense, often at the expense of the 4 others. Using all of our sensory potentail allows us to lead a more harmonious life and connect to a more subtle world.

*Conscious eating:  how to eat beyond the taste buds / reintegrating our eyes, our taste, touch and smell? Understanding this gives us tools for regulating our hunger, eating the foods that provide us with the best health, improving digestion, and finding new sources of pleasure in eating.

*a relaxation session, using the Vittoz technique, for improving receptivity, proprioceptivity, exteroceptivity and interoceptivity.

*Integrating the 5 senses into our quotidian: a source of pleasure and satisfaction, and an effective way to combat depression, a technique for improving memory.

*A mnésique senso-perceptive technique for exploring our senses in the past

*Q &A

the St. Barth Yoga & Wellness association  creators
Morgane Bertin-Denis, Laetitia Santarelli, Nanda Mortier and Diana Bourel

Week 2

Laetitia Santarelli- psychotherapist


July 25 from 2-5 pm

This workshop is free to all Summer Camp participants and 25 euros for anyone not signed up in Summer Camp.

An interactive workshop focuses on some key questions about dreaming. Why do we dream? What role does dreaming play from a physiological and psychological point of view? How to decode this secret language that emerges from our unconscious mind?

From the dawn of time, different cultures and civilizations throughout history have given a special meaning – and place to dreams, considering them a medicine in their own right.

We’ll explores why it is important to pay attention to your dreams and how to use them in your everyday life as an internal compass. The medicine of dreams is the result of a synergy between our conscious mind that illuminates messages from our sub-conscious mind. The workshop will have a theoretical component but will include an interactive session which will allow us to explore conscious dreaming through a guided visualisation led by Laetitia.

Week 3

Le St Barth Juice Club et le St-Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge Detox

The St Barth Juice club, for the second year, will be helping summer camp de-toxers both into and out of the 10-day brown rice diet. Juicing helps to restore the system by reducing inflammation, toxins, and will powerfully support health goals. The first juice cure begins on July 30 and runs for 3 days. Five carefully designed juices will help support the organs of elimination, the nervous system and the digestive system. The second cure, on the other end of the brown rice 10-day fast, runs from Aug. 12 to Aug 14, a safe way to come ‘off’ the brown rice diet. More info on the St. Barth Juice Club will be the subject of a separate post.  The club will offer a weekly menu of superstar juices throughout the camp, featuring one super juice every week. You can order through the Facebook page, St. Barth Juice Club. Pick up your order Monday-Saturday at La Plage restaurant’s beach bar at the Tom Beach hotel between 9 am – 5 pm.


Yves Bourel- Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner trained by Stan Grof


Saturday, July 1  from 2:30 -5 pm.

This workshop is free to all Summer Camp participants and 25 euros for anyone not signed up in Summer Camp. Please note this workshop is limited to 12 participants. First signed up. As there are contraindications, please contact the facilitator to see if this workshop is accessible to you.

This session of conscious breathing uses breath and specifically sequenced and curated music as tools to explore our inner mindscapes. It provides a powerful tool for exploring unconscious material, releasing knots and limitations through a heightened understanding – often symbolic- of life’s events- and emotional release.

Week 4-

Marie-Claude Garnier 


Saturday, July 8, from 2:30 to 5 pm

This workshop is free to all Summer Camp participants and 25 euros for anyone not signed up in Summer Camp.

Marie-Claude, a Brennan Healing Practitioner, is  a graduate of the Barbara Ann Brennan, and  offers an interactive workshop to teach the bio-energetic reality of the field of intentions and how to clarify and align your deepest intentions so that they manifest and inform your everyday life.

Week 5 – 

Janzu party

Saturday, July 15 at Nikki Beach far aside of the beach opposite the Nikki Beach restaurant

2-5 pm

Free to summer camp participants

Janzu was invented by Juan Villatoro while he was living on an ashram in India in the 1990s. Practitioners and devotees claim the treatment allows both physical and emotional blockage to be gently released. Each session takes place in warm, chest-high water. The facilitator leads his guest through a series of flowing water movements and massages. It will be a wonderful way to integrate the Summer Camp experience. St. Barth’s Janzu facilitators will be on hand throughout the afternoon to do 20-30 minute sessions. Drop in and take the plunge.