Yoga University Program

Greetings, Summer Campers!

With our first week completed, the St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga University program week  II unfolds with some excellent workshops that will add grist to the mill.


Saturday,  July 25 from 7-9 am : Cardio Discovery Hike  “The Pathless Path”
We’ll be meeting at 6:50 am in Grand Fond for a walk led by Ashley Lacour, director of Sibarth Villa Rentals.

Called the “Pathless Path”, this walk is off the radar chart and will make for a wonderful 2 – hour challenge filled with discovery. Destination,  the crest of Morne Rouge. Park at the Grand Fond lookout (overlooking the valley) and dress in long sleeves and pants. Be sure to bring a water bottle and sun protection. It’s hot in St. Barth !!!!


 Saturday, July 25 from 2-5 pm:  Psychologist Laetitia Santarelli, who is also an Ericksonian hypnotherapist,  will be hosting an interactive workshop on the “Medicine of Dreams”. The workshop will start with a discussion of dreams and how they have been used since time immemorial to heal, to understand and to know. The workshop will start with a discussion of dreams and how they have been used since time immemorial to heal, to understand and to know.  This workshop is free to all Summer Camp participants, and costs 25 euros for non-participants. Dress comfortably.


On WEEK 3 Yoga University will be hosting two guests : Anne Picard, and Yves Bourel.  

Wednesday, July 29 from 3-5 pm. Anne Picard, owner of Institut Spa and Beauty Venus for a workshop on the Magic of Touch at L’Espace Meteo

touching hands
touch to heal

Anne, whose specialized energy treatments and reiki have helped many people reach clarity, has created a workshop to share tools for conscious therapeutic touch. The interactive workshop will approach touch and massage and will be a 2-hour practice in feeling good.  Free to Summer Camp participants and 25 euros for non-participants.

Venus Institute is also offering some special Summer Camp discounted treatment packages at the institute :

Detox treatment : body scrub, essential healing essences, a 90-minute lymphatic drainage massage and a shampoo and blow dry.
Package : 180€
Energy Treatment :  Alterah healing essences + body scrub + 30-minute Reiki treatment +facial
Package: 150€
Discovery  : Altearah healing essences +30 minute relaxing massage (head, neck, shoulders and feet)+Facial    ………….. ……130€
Well Being : Eaux  Altearah +  30 minutes massages +  chronodetox  Package :  95 €
*For participants who want to add a shampoo and blow dry to their treatment, please add 30 €
 To book your treatment, call +590 27.59.46

Saturday, August 1 at L’espace Meteo from 2- 5 pm : Conscious Breathing.

Join Yves Bourel for a powerful conscious breathing session based on the Holotropic Breathwork created by Stanislas Grof.

yves bourel protrait

This session of conscious breathing uses breath and specifically sequenced and curated music as tools to explore our inner mindscapes. It provides a powerful tool for exploring unconscious material, releasing knots and limitations through a heightened understanding – often symbolic- of life’s events- and emotional release.

This workshop is free to all Summer Camp participants and 25 euros for non-participants in Summer Camp. Please note this workshop is limited to 12 participants on a first-come, first-served basis. As there are contraindications, please contact the facilitator to see if this workshop is accessible to you. / cell : +590 0690 498 694

To register, contact Yves Bourel. Tel +590 690 49 86 94,



Marie-Claude Garnier
Setting your Intention.
Saturday, August 8, from 2:30 to 5 pm

Marie-Claude, a Brennan Healing Practitioner, is  a graduate of the Barbara Ann Brennan school, and  offers an interactive workshop to teach the bio-energetic reality of the field of intentions and how to clarify and align your deepest intentions so that they manifest and inform your everyday life.
This workshop is free to all Summer Camp participants and 25 euros for anyone not signed up in Summer Camp.


Marc Olivier Dorne and Christophe Marchesseau
Sunday, August 9 from 10 am – 1 pm
OSTEOPATHIC approach to touch

Guadeloupe- based osteopath Marc Olivier Dorne, who trains osteopaths in tissular osteopathy, will be hosting a 3-hour workshop on improving touch therapy, a divining rod for our internal states, helping to improve our internal body-mind connection and promote self-healing. He’ll be joined by St. Barth’s own Christophe Marchesseau, owner of Spa Excellence des Sens in Gustavia. Christophe is a recipient of the prestigious “Palme des Mains d’Or”, the Oscar for bodywork.
This workshop is 10 euros for Summer Camp participants and 25 euros for non participants.
*Marc will also be on island on Monday, Aug 10 and and Tuesday Aug 11 for private appointments. His 1-hour sessions are 65 euros for Summer Camp participants, and  90 euros for non-participants. To book your private appointment, please contact Sophie Arnaud,  Spa Manager at Spa Excellence des Sens.

Cour Vendôme / Rue de la Republique / Gustavia
Tel : + 590 (0) 590 29 48 10 /

I look forward to sharing all of these wonderful teachings with you!


Cécile Lucot
SUNDAY, AUG 9 from 3- 4:15 pm at L’Espace Météo

Back by popular demand! Island yoga instructor Cécile Lucot will be leading a  special Summer Camp class for kids aged 6-10. Healthy,  fun and soulful in that way kids have, this is a wonderful young yogi event  and a great way to meet other mat-friendly kids.

10 euros for participants. Please contact Cécile Lucot to book., Tel +590 690 65.89.17

WEEK  5  

Janzu party offered by St. Barth Janzu practitioners

Saturday, July 15 at Nikki Beach far aside of the beach opposite the Nikki Beach restaurant from 2-5 pm
Free to summer camp participants

water shot St. Jean Bay
St. Jean Bay

Janzu was invented by Juan Villatoro while he was living on an ashram in India in the 1990s. Practitioners and devotees find the treatment allows both physical and emotional blockages to be gently released. Each session takes place in warm, chest-high water. The facilitator leads his/her client through a series of flowing water movements and massages.
This water treatment is a wonderful way to integrate the Summer Camp experience. St. Barth’s Janzu facilitators will be on hand throughout the afternoon to do 20-30 minute sessions, offered based on sequence of arrival. Drop in and take the plunge.