St Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge 2017

The St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge is a yearly island wellness event now in its 9th season. Created and run by yoga instructor and transpersonal therapist Diana Bourel, the owner of the Art of Self Care, it was conceived as an experiential celebration of yoga and the healing arts in the incomparable beauty of a St. Barth summer.

This season, it will be held at the beautiful Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa located in Grand Cul de Sac. A designated waterfront luxury villa will be home to this year’s event; an incredible setting in which to deepen your commitment to health.

Open to all levels of practitioners, the month-long yoga, meditation and wellness camp is an a-la-carte experience. You choose the level of immersion and participation you wish, and you can drop in – or out – at any time, making it ideal for St. Barth tourists or summer visitors.

Like every year, the Summer Camp’s carefully curated menu offers over 25 group classes / activities per week taught by Camp creator Diana Bourel . The studio work in Le Barthelemy’s specially designated pop-up luxury studio, dubbed the YOGA VILLA, is perched right on the beach with a spectacular view of Grand Cul de Sac lagoon. Mat classes and asana work is supported by outdoor discovery hikes , stimu- lating water work and kriya study, thus providing a steady dose of cardiovascular challenge, lymphatic drainage, fresh air and sunshine while enjoying the island’s natural beauty with the St Barth Summer Camp yoga community.

In addition to the Summer Camp program, Yoga University offers rich experiential content through inter- active workshops and conferences led by experts passionate about what they do.

The camp’s open door policy accommodates walk-in students but for those who want to go deeper, weeklong modules, class packs and the comprehensive summer camp pass allow you to deepen your commitment and dive into a golden summer of self-discovery, personal growth, friendship, learning and fun.

The theme of this year’s Summer Camp is “Raise the Gaze”. In yoga, the gaze, or ‘drishti’— central to our yoga practice — is at once where we cast our attention during poses or meditation, but also, how that attention, carefully placed and mindfully chosen, supports our intentions. Understanding it adds meaning, content and purpose to the life choices we make. I invite you to spend more time in that place.

-Diana Bourel

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