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Diana Bourel, transpersonal therapist, yogini and healer & Susan Cianfarani, president of Instyle Vacations have joined forces for a specially-curated women’s empowerment workshop. The Goddess Revealed provides a dynamic template for personal growth, where creative potential and spiritual renewal conjoin with the natural curative forces of Castel Monastero, an 11th – century Tuscan village now transformed into a Leading luxury spa resort where “time bows to the presence of the soul”.

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Transpersonal therapist yogini healer Diana Bourel and Susan Cianfarani, president of Instyle Vacations, have joined forces for a specially -curated women’s empowerment workshop. The Goddess Revealed provides a dynamic template for personal growth, where creative potential and spiritual renewal conjoin with the natural curative forces of Castel Monastero, an 11th- century Tuscan village now transformed into a Leading luxury spa resort where “time bows to the presence of the soul”.

The “Goddess Revealed”

A women’s transformational pilgrimage to wholeness
Living in the present is a skill, the vortex of power between past and future. In the present, we can unlock our potential, pacify and integrate past experiences. In the present, we sit in the birthplace of all creation.

Today, the world speaks about a return to the Feminine. The Goddess Revealed workshop is a timely attempt to explore the modern world and our place in it. Through the archetypes of mythology, we meet the characters- or Goddesses- who enact our own challenges, triumphs and life events on the universal stage. Through their stories, we can identify the big themes in our own lives that weave through all of the many roles we play in society in our families, our communities, our workplace, our governments, and our tomorrows. We see how the fragmentation of the Great Goddess mimics the broken pieces in our own selves as daughters and wives, mothers, sisters, lovers, companions, healers, friends, mystics. Through the rich spiritual psychology of the goddess stories, these female archetypes share with us their secret wounds so we can heal our own. They reveal their hidden treasures, so we can unearth ours.

They prompt us with their wisdom, their voices and visions. Their stories make it possible to hear our own and provide us with vital clues about defeating our demons and resolving our own life conflicts.

They gently nudge towards love, towards wholeness, towards peace.

Like the grapes of the Chianti region we’ll be visiting, the fruit of the vine becomes the nectar of the Gods only under the winegrower’s steady and constant efforts. Interactive exercises, journaling, meditation, yoga, transpersonal work, rebirthing and past life work will provide the tools to chart a course toward greater personal freedom and knowledge as the Goddess energy nudges us toward health, peace and forgiveness, the building blocks of sustainable wellness.

Exploring your great mind and true heart in the Tuscan folds of history is both an opportunity and a challenge. You’ll be asked to dig deep and fly higher. It’s the invitation you’ve been dreaming of for a lifetime. I hope you’ll join us for this fragrant adventure of Becoming more fully your wonderful self.

Diana Bourel ,
Founder, Art of Self Care

For more information: www.instylevacations.ca
susan@instylevacations.ca or call us at 1-855-243-0875

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Meet your hosts:


Diana Bourel

Founder, Art of Self Care

The art of the healer is this: To help identify what needs healing, what is broken, what hurts, what is ready for breakthrough and to find exactly the right medicine, internal setting and pulse for the mending to occur.
In the multi-layered world of transformation, there is no blanket formula that will work for every individual. That is why there are different paths, and I have walked many of them and found that eventually, all the spiritual portals lead to a sacred core. I celebrate this diversity.

My passion lies in accompanying people through the vital, scary, chaotic and raucously beautiful world of transformation. I help bring words and understanding to that process, connecting the seemingly parenthetical and ephemeral experiences of spiritual understanding to everyday applications for more fulfilling lives.

For over 20 years, I have worked with human consciousness as a transpersonal therapist, training in a number of different modalities. I saw validity in each, espousing none is the one and only way to spiritual freedom. Using what I learned, I created a multi-modality therapeutic toolkit I call The Art of Self Care, a path of sustainable wellness that includes yoga, meditation, intuitive healing and spiritual consulting.

I am a cross-certified yoga instructor (hatha yoga, hot yoga, Asthanga, Body tuning therapeutic yoga) and a transpersonal therapist. I use past life work, rebirthing, bioenergetics, kinesiology and other shamanic techniques carefully gathered in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Vietnam, France, Ecuador and Thailand to help you solidify your deep and resounding friendship with yourself and the greater world.


Susan Cianfarani

Founder and President of InStyle Vacations

Susan, the founder and President of InStyle Vacations, is always on the lookout for the next new travel trend, and it’s a mission that takes her to many destinations around the world. With an open mind and up to date research on market trends she looks for and assesses firstly, something unique in a hotel or destination; secondly, the experience it can bring to the clients; and lastly, the overall culture and diversity of the entire vacation providing memories of a lifetime. “Everyone wants to know where the next big destination will be and they want to be the first to experience it. Plan a family reunion, be pampered at a luxurious spa, plan a surprise romantic getaway with your own private beach, plan a picnic lunch in Paris, perhaps an African Safari…… There are many incredible opportunities with new places to be experienced.”

Susan loves the excitement of new places, making new friends and experiencing different cultures. She loves to get away from the tourist spots and learn about a destination from a local’s standpoint.
After returning from some time off to raise her children, Susan experienced first hand the change happening in the Travel Industry. “People were traveling with a purpose. Clients want an experience not just a vacation.” Susan had a vision to supply this growing demand in the Travel Industry and so, with much motivation and passion InStyle Vacations was born.

Susan has been in the Travel Industry since 1984 and during her career has worked for some of the largest, well known and respected Canadian Tour Operators. In these companies she gained a great deal of experience in many different capacities: Operations, Sales & Marketing, Product Training and Area Sales Manager. Susan also has a wealth of experience in the retail area of travel working as a full-time Senior Travel Specialist with Cianfarani Travel.

During this time she was influential in growing the Honeymoon and Destination Wedding division for Cianfarani Travel and coordinated very successful information events, media events and tradeshows in collaboration with various Tourist Boards and Tour Companies/Hotels. Susan has been the recipient of many prestigious top sales awards from various luxury hotels and tour companies throughout her successful career.

Life Philosophy: Sometimes in life you need to make mistakes in order to learn and move forward.