Week 5 @ St. Barth Summer Camp

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Recap Week 4

After an intense week 4 of fasting, continuous practice, journeying and learning, the 7th edition of the St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge heads into the home stretch.

We laughed, we riced, we cried, we cleansed, we moved, and we nourished our selves and each other with a subtler food for the soul with deepened meditation and pranayama. Our Discovery Walk hosted a few new faces and introduced us to a few new muscles.

I’d like to extend my most heartfelt gratitude to the Yoga University guests who came to add content, soul and heart to our 4th week. Marie-Claude Garnier’s workshop on connecting to our intention layer gave explanations and keys on how to settle into the field of manifestation and how to differentiate between auric and intentional presence.

Following that path of mindfulness, osteopath Olivier Dorne’s workshop on deepening the internal communication within the body was a meditative practice that taught us, through the use of a simple prop, a balloon, how to tap into ourselves by working on three scales : presence, centering, and intention.

Greg Bosc’s powerful soundscape helped our Friday night Yoga Zen class to journey deep within for a magical restorative practice.

Cécile Lucot’s Yoga for Kids was a wonderful opportunity for young yogis to approach practice through stories, song, movement and asana practice.

St. Barth Juice Club’s Valentine and Chloé de Badereau and the Tom Beach accompanied us for the 2nd juice cure and the official end of our 14-day detox. Thank you all!

Kudos and deepest gratitude to you all for adding your special gifts and talents!

Week 5 @ St. Barth Summer Camp















There are a few schedule changes for our last week. They’ll be posted on the board at the Meteo as well, but please ready carefully!

Also, a note to 5 and 10-pack class holders : You have more than 40 opportunities to use up your series. Please note that there will be no reimbursement for classes unused. See you on the mat!

*Sunday’s Saline Kriya Class. The time is modified. We’ll convene from  7 am t0 9 am instead of from  8 to 10 am.

*Tuesday, Aug 18 is tear-down day. We will have regular morning class schedule. The last Summer Camp  Meteo class will be the 1 pm class on Tuesday afternoon.  Please take your yoga mats and any personal material with you by this time. If you can help, it would be much appreciated. 

The evening class will be replaced by a late afternoon hike to the natural pools. Meet at 5 pm by the well.

WEEK 5 @ St. Barth Summer Camp

Wednesday, Oct. 12 from 4-6 pm at l’Espace Météo on the Upper Deck :

Catherine Capron,  yoga instructor and a longtime student of the Ramtha School of Light, will be leading us on an internal journey to connect to intention. This wonderful teaching is one of the most powerful tools for putting theory into application. You’ll need a blindfold and an intention to participate. After practicing some centering and anchoring exercises, we’ll set off, blindfolded,to find index cards upon which we’ve symbolized our intention. This will require the greatest degree of unwavering focus and attention. It’s a wonderful test and whether or not you find your card, you’ll learn a lot about the emotional and mental patterns and habits that prevent you from achieving your innermost goals.

The workshop is free to Summer Camp participants, and 25 euros for non-participants.

Saturday morning Discovery walk, Aug 15, at 6:30 am
Meet at Gouverneur parking lot with a bottle of water and a flashlight ( carry a small backpack) dressed in clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. We’ll be going to the Cave of Gouverneur where we’ll hold a very special meditation before re-emerging into the light: a symbolic journey that marks our return to the every day world.

Saturday afternoon, Aug 15 : Janzu party from 2 pm to 5 pm.
Join Janzu practitioners Yves Bourel, Cécile Lucot, Nanda Mortier and Greg Bosc on the far end of little St. Jean bay (by Nikki beach on the far end of the beach). Drop in for a mini-session (20-30 minutes)  of this water therapy treatment where you can experience the aquatic beauty of letting go, releasing and integrating, a wonderful way to non-verbally assimilate the Summer Camp. Take your place in line, enjoy some down time on our Aquavit stomping grounds, and prepare for a wonderful session in the water.

*This activity is free to Summer Camp participants and 25 euros for non-participants.

Sunday afternoon, Aug 15 : St. Barth Summer Camp Graduation Party from 12 noon to sunset….
To close off our Summer Camp experience and our return to our normal schedules and lives, much enriched, we’ll end our 5 weeks with a beach party. Open to all Summer Camp participants, your family and friends, join us for a lazy summer celebration at Petit Cul de Sac equipped with towels, flip-flops, easy clothes, and a tasty potluck dish or two + beverages to contribute to the rich diversity of the party.

If you are able to help with the set-up, please give me a call or write me a line. I’d appreciate all support getting tables and space set up and torn down!

For the Summer Camp presentation, Nathalie Esperabe will put together a video presentation of our time together. Please send her your photos for inclusion : nathalie.esperabe@wanadoo.fr soonest and watch her spin the images into our magical mystery tour.

Monday Aug 17, we wind down with our last Yoga Zen class.

On Tuesday, Aug 18, Summer Camp goes into tear down schedule: The Summer Camp will run the morning schedule with Pranayama at 7 am, Aquavit at 8:30, Yoga Roots at 12 pm and Yoga Challenge at 1 pm.  There will be no evening class on Tuesday Aug 18.

Instead, we’ll be taking a last walk to Toiny. We’ll head to the natural pools at 5 pm and then clean up for a goodbye apéro and a moonlight picnic on Gouverneur beach. We’ll be putting in a sushi order with YoSushimania to keep our food clean, simple and yummy. If you want to be included in the order, please let me know soonest. 

I’ll be off island starting Aug 20, so I look forward to spending every last moment with all of you!