The medicine of Reggae music

This blog is not about Summer Camp, my main focus these days.

It’s about music. Reggae music.

Thanks to SBJAM, a not-for-profit local association of hard-working, music-lovers in Saint Barth, the islanders of St. Barth have had the awesome privilege of listening to some of the best reggae music in the world.

It’s the 10-year anniversary of the association, so they went full guns to provide locals and tourists with free, high quality, authentic, indigenous music. And, it’s free.

But, it’s not really free.

It costs money to get fine musicians to fly in, sometimes from all over the world. These men and women share with us the indigenous musics of the Caribbean and make sure ‘old school’ and ‘ancestor music’ doesn’t become an endangered species. These artists mix it up with the morph of the new generation. The music keeps evolving.

Like with all the indigenous vibes of our world tribes, the music is the medicine. SB JAM makes it possible to get people dancing and smiling and singing and playing again.

That is a very cool, very precious, very essential thing.
It’s a happening.

There is music for the next few days and it’s a great, diverse program of reggae, zouk, Caribbean soul..

If you’re on the island, support the association and this amazing community event by going to the concerts. By buying something at the bar for you and your friends.
And, if you have a few extra euros this week, drop them in the donations bucket.

Thanks you SBJAM, for a powerful evening of good medicine!