Casita at PBR

Mi Casa su Casa

I designed my first website with a Macintosh software program years ago. Called Coming Home, it was a supervised selfie mounted with the advice of Apple tutors. In truth, it was a nice-enough first cyberhouse. But as the years went on and the IT industry raced past me, site maintenance and updates – just beyond […]

The Yoga of Chaos

I remember seeing Shiva, one hand lifted, the other, holding his famous trident. His upraised hand seemed like an invitation ( the greeting of Native Americans), a warning (Stop! Pause!) , a beckoning ( Proceed!). I learned that his hand meant that the battle was already won. Jaya! Victory! was already at hand. Fear was no longer the handbrake. It had to be released. His hand, it was said, meant “No fear”. This is no small thing when moving through chaos, Shiva’s domain.

the rocky shoreline of St. Barth

Yoga in St. Barth

This is my pre-Amazon jungle post. Soon, I will be in a place with no cell phones or cell towers, no tvs, no prompts or alarms or beeps or bells or surveillance. I will be surrounded by nature’s garden. Hope to see you when I return, just in time to run the St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge. Here’s an article I wrote that appeared in the International Yoga Teachers Association annual publication. I think it captures the spirit of Yoga in St. Barth, and the spirt of Summer Camp. I hope you’ll join me!

Doorway to the Divine

Connecting to an intimate sense of source is something that has intrigued women since the dawn of time. This central relationship to selfhood and beyond is the matrix for all others. As women, we search for vehicles that take us to our own deep mysteries. The doorway to the divine. But, how do we get […]


Yoga raises questions. It is an internal vehicle that takes the practitioner into pause and reflect mode. And here is where we begin to learn something about ourselves, and ourselves as part of a natural world with both physical and metaphysical laws that operate within the fragmented part of pure being we both call “me”.