Casita at PBR

Mi Casa su Casa

I designed my first website with a Macintosh software program years ago. Called Coming Home, it was a supervised selfie mounted with the advice of Apple tutors. In truth, it was a nice-enough first cyberhouse. But as the years went on and the IT industry raced past me, site maintenance and updates – just beyond […]

the rocky shoreline of St. Barth

Yoga in St. Barth

This is my pre-Amazon jungle post. Soon, I will be in a place with no cell phones or cell towers, no tvs, no prompts or alarms or beeps or bells or surveillance. I will be surrounded by nature’s garden. Hope to see you when I return, just in time to run the St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge. Here’s an article I wrote that appeared in the International Yoga Teachers Association annual publication. I think it captures the spirit of Yoga in St. Barth, and the spirt of Summer Camp. I hope you’ll join me!