St. Barth Summer Camp Week 4

Dear Summer Campers,

With 2 days to go before we complete the third week of Summer Camp, and  heading into St. Barth Summer Camp Week 4, it’s time to take stock of where we’ve been and where we are going. This week, we delved more deeply into the internal compasses that help us to find where we are in space, in our bodies, in our breaths. Steady asana practice, meditation, pranayama, and the 3-day juice fast helped us to clear the toxic obstacles that keep us from reaching our goals and to toe the cosmic cliff. Whether they are physical, emotional, or subtler still, we’ve been looking at the internal symbols that push us from aversion to attraction, learning how to upgrade, how to purify and how to neutralize negative emotions and nudge towards wiser choices.

Through assiduous practice, theories moved into the application phase, and we discovered that we each have our own unique ways of understanding and using the tool kit that yoga and meditation offer us.

Yoga University guests Anne Picard and Yves Bourel added richly to these tools and ingredients as we each discover our own recipes for recovery. A heartfelt thanks to the both of them.

group in front of La Pigeonnaire
Super Saturday takes a Swedish moment…

WEEK 4 Notes
In addition to the St. Barth Summer Camp’s regularly scheduled classes, we have some great Yoga University events to look forward too, in addition to the continuation of the Detox diet many of us are on. This week, we head into the brown rice monodiet, an excellent practice in ‘letting go’ of habits, addictions, and more generally, creating a clear space for manifesting our deepest intentions.

carrot peelings
peeling away the layers


Catherine Capron, a student of the Ramtha School, will be leading us on a powerful exercise for sharpening focus and intention. Date and time to be announced.

Saturday, August 8 from 2:30 -5 pm :Manifesting Intention
Marie-Claude Garnier, a Barbara Brennan School graduate and practitioner will be leading a workshop on Manifesting Intention. This workshop is free to all Summer Camp participants and 25 euros for non-participants. Please sign up on the board @ the Meteo Station.

Sunday, August 9 from 10 am -1 pm : Tissues talk
Marc-Olivier Dorne, Guadeloupe- based osteopath Marc Olivier Dorne, who trains osteopaths in tissular osteopathy, will be hosting a 3-hour workshop on improving touch therapy, a divining rod for our internal states, helping to improve our internal body-mind connection and promote self-healing. Zones of resistance and fluidity will be explored with the aid of specialized props. Olivier will be assisted by Christophe Marchesseau, owner of Spa Excellence des Sens. The workshop is 10 euros for Summer Campers, and 25 euros for non-participants. Please sign up on the board @ the Meteo Station.
Olivier will also be available for private 1-hour consultations at Spa  Excellence des Sens on Saturday from 11 am- 5 pm, on Sunday afternoon from 3 to 5 pm, and on Monday and Tuesday throughout the day. Consultations are 90 euros for Summer Campers (not 65 euros, as mistakenly announced) and 120 euros for  non-participants.  Please call Sophie Arnaud, spa manager, at +590 29 48 10 to book your appointment.
Cour Vendôme / Rue de la Republique / Gustavia
Tel : + 590 (0) 590 29 48 10 /


Sunday, August 9 from 3 – 4:15 pm
Yoga for Kids with Cécile Lucot

Island yoga instructor Cécile Lucot will be leading a  special Summer Camp class for kids aged 6-10. Healthy,  fun and soulful in that way kids have, this is a wonderful young yogi event  and a great way to meet other mat-friendly kids. Cécile will lead her students on an age-appropriate exploration of yoga poses. The participation fee is 10 euros. Please contact Cécile to register., Tel +590 690 65.89.17


On week 5, we wind down with the Yoga University event on Saturday, August 15 at St. Jean beach (Nikki Beach side). Join Janzu facilitators Yves Bourel, Cécile Lucot and Nanda Mortier for a wonderful afternoon of this water treatment which will help you integrate the Summer Camp experience.

Yves Bourel in water
Janzu party










NOTES for Graduation Party : 
For this year’s graduation bash, we’ll be going old-school and heading to the beach hut in Petit Cul de Sac for a do-it-yourself feast on the water’s edge. Reserve the date : Sunday, August 16 from 12 pm – 5 pm.
Please make our Yogi Potluck Party a success by bringing one or several dishes and beverages to share with the group. Bring your bathing suits, flip-flops…Family and friends are cordially welcome too!