Shiva and the Dissolution Dance

If you’re a sugar cube in a cup of tea, dissolution is what you do.

But what happens when your life starts to feel like that sugar cube? Dissolving, melting, disappearing into some aqueous solution. What  does your dark, inner Twilight  force say to you?  If you can catch it, hear it, isolate it, you will understand what it has  been goading you into believing, because the dark voices always leave tracks. All tyrants are sloppy.

So what does it say? That you are worthless? That you’re no good? That you’ll never make anything of yourself? That you’ll just end up where you started? Does the voice whisper something about poverty? That is a voice that  can make you run so far and so fast and so hard that you start thinking you are safe then….BAMMM.

Welcome to the core belief root system, the wicked witch disguised as well-meaning little old lady, the lion in sheep’s clothing, pulling the strings, preying on innocence and countering all of your finest accomplishments. At this particular time, our deepest, darkest most hidden voices are showing themselves as never before. For some of us, they will manifest through  betrayal, loss, treason, hopelessness, serious  illness, debt, poverty, abuse …. Central to these shifts is the theme of  dissolution, one of the key dynamics of this period. This process is global, and though it touches us individually, it’s happening at colossal speed and it is happening from this country to next, across oceans and across continents.

DISSOLUTION-disintegration, closing down of partnership or assembly, decomposition. We’re looking at the fiefdom of Shiva, doing the dance of life, stomping on ignorance.

One thought on “Shiva and the Dissolution Dance

  1. The shiva song

    Dance Shiva dance
    let illusion fall away, Shiva dance, Let us see you
    Dance Shiva Dance
    Let illusion fall away, Shiva Dance, Let us see you

    Shiva dance dance dance, dance
    we are on our way to freedom
    Shiva dance, let us see you.

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