Mi Casa su Casa

I designed my first website with a Macintosh software program years ago. Called Coming Home, it was a supervised selfie mounted with the advice of Apple tutors. In truth, it was a nice-enough first cyberhouse. But as the years went on and the IT industry raced past me, site maintenance and updates – just beyond my skill set – went untended.
My website became the lawn overtaken by weeds, the abandoned one-story on the block of high-rise websites that got speedier and quicker and sleeker. Friends and friends of friends used to drive by to say hi. They stopped visiting because the lights were never on.

It is therefore with great pleasure, pride, and gratitude that I share my website remodel with you, the Art of Self Care

When you visit, I hope you will feel that I am at the door to personally welcome you each time you stop by. Food is on the table. Nourishing. Soulful.

I trust it will be easier to read my blogs, sign up for yoga classes and workshops, learn about events like the St Barth Summer Camp, dream about trips to places like Tuscany, Peru or Panama, book an appointment and add your comments. Thanks for your patience, all, while I got back on the internet saddle.

For my independence day declaration, I am happy to say, “Honey, I’m home.”

Mi case su casa.