Go west

West, in the symbology of Medicine Wheel, speaks of transition, the first stages of renunciation, a call to  transformation, and what I have come to identify as a cordial invitation from the Universe to change voluntarily. Voluntary release requires a precocious intelligence, an intelligence that stipulates that one can act before life conditions and events  drive the message home and force the tightened fist to open. It’s the fortune cookie tip-off.

Today, I do something really unusual. I sleep until nearly 11 am. All night long, I dream actively, voices fading in and out, so much going on.

I finally step into the day, but today it’s like climbing a steep mountain, where the team has set off before me, and I must catch up, but not so fast that I overlook the basic rules of steep mountain climbing. Rushing can trip people up something terrible. It’s like in yoga. Injuries are caused rushing into or out of a pose.

Society has climbed far ahead of me today, and I will follow, but at a slower pace, my pace, today’s pace.  The fact that I am pulled  out of step with the rythyms of my routine, my social and professional life curiously make me more available. Instead of gasping breathlessly and getting a stitch in my side, I do things differently. I respect my commitments, but let go of the plans. I become more available.

My friend calls. “Up for a walk?” Actually, since I have no plans, I am. And since I am committed to taking care of myself and cultivating my friendship, I accept.

We head out for the nearest nature trail.

As we  near the path, I stop. She knows what that means.


“A new game. Time for us to dream. Time for us to head west. ”

“How do you play?”

“We bless each other to begin”.

She puts her hands on my head, and she begins to speak about infinity and that I may know what to do and to say and how to channel forth information to the people who are waiting for me to channel forth information. I feel her hands. They tremble with energy. I tremble with energy.

Then I bless her.  I ask that every step she take be made in awareness, be led by love and wisdom, be founded in compassion. We are practiced at blessing each other. Skilled, as the Buddhists say.

Then we walk.

We don’t multi-task.  We just walk. That’s all we do.

Along the way, we drop everything that weighs us down. Doubt. Over-thinking. Lack of confidence, over confidence. We just let it all drop through an invisible hole in an invisible pocket.

We hear our steps crunching the cold little pebbles under our feet. We hear our breath.

It’s a nice sound.

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