St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge 10th edition

A 10-year anniversary is a big thing, and a year ago, coming off the incredible high of the St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge, I wondered what blow-out features the following year could propose. And then, September 6 rolled around, and 20 years almost to the day that Hurricane Luis had devastated St. Barth, Hurricane […]

Raise The Gaze

  St-Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge and Yoga University July 15-August 15, 2017 Le Barthélemy Hotel The theme of the St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge’s 9th edition is “RAISE THE GAZE’. What is a gaze? In the yogic tradition, it is ‘drishti’, which is at once where we cast our attention during poses or […]

BA50 Influencer

A  few years ago, when I was  invited  by BA50 creator Felice Shapiro to become a contributing blogger to her site, I immediately said yes. I could feel the value in her mission and vision: to create and facilitate a forum in which an age-specific audience could share life experiences, professional skills and personal practices. […]

Yoga through the years

            Hamsa hamsa. 5-5. 55. My current age. Behind me, three decades practicing yoga. Yoga through the years. My yoga path started with the venerable  Goswami Kriyananda. I met him in Paris while pursuing my training in the field of bio-energetics. In the lineage to which he had been named […]

Art of Self Care November Newsletter

This November newsletter is the PS for St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge and lists new group classes at l’ Institut de Beauté Venus in Gustavia. Welcome!   SINCE ST. BARTH SUMMER CAMP Each year, after St-Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge ends, I set my self the challenge of writing a synopsis to recap  our 5  challenge […]

Homeward through the haze

In the global swirl of events marked by  upheaval and utter chaos, I have been given to reflect upon how fragile the ground under us has become . A few weeks ago, while practicing at a yoga studio in a southeastern town of the United States, I came across a poster that was hung in the women’s […]

carrot peels

Meditation on Bullying

Yesterday morning, I had a rather embarrassing realization while climbing up a hill during a weekly nature walk with a group I’ve been leading. A few days ago, after a long day at work, I saw something on Facebook that struck me as funny. For a moment. Before I thought, before I pondered, I hit […]

group shot hike

Week 5 @ St. Barth Summer Camp

IMG_0767 – Petit  Recap Week 4 After an intense week 4 of fasting, continuous practice, journeying and learning, the 7th edition of the St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge heads into the home stretch. We laughed, we riced, we cried, we cleansed, we moved, and we nourished our selves and each other with a subtler […]

Pointe Milou

St. Barth Summer Camp Week 4

Dear Summer Campers, With 2 days to go before we complete the third week of Summer Camp, and  heading into St. Barth Summer Camp Week 4, it’s time to take stock of where we’ve been and where we are going. This week, we delved more deeply into the internal compasses that help us to find […]

St. Barth Rocks

Yoga University Program

Greetings, Summer Campers! With our first week completed, the St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga University program week  II unfolds with some excellent workshops that will add grist to the mill. WEEK 2 Saturday,  July 25 from 7-9 am : Cardio Discovery Hike  “The Pathless Path” We’ll be meeting at 6:50 am in Grand Fond for […]

make today amazing


  I am so pleased to share with you this year’s Yoga University program of strong teachers. This year’s guests : •Morgane Bertin-Denis, sophrologue / stress management will be leading a workshop on the Synergy of our senses for a fuller, richer life. • Laetitia Santarelli, psychotherapist, will be leading a workshop on the Synergy of […]

The medicine of Reggae music

This blog is not about Summer Camp, my main focus these days. It’s about music. Reggae music. Thanks to SBJAM, a not-for-profit local association of hard-working, music-lovers in Saint Barth, the islanders of St. Barth have had the awesome privilege of listening to some of the best reggae music in the world. It’s the 10-year […]

Casita at PBR

Mi Casa su Casa

I designed my first website with a Macintosh software program years ago. Called Coming Home, it was a supervised selfie mounted with the advice of Apple tutors. In truth, it was a nice-enough first cyberhouse. But as the years went on and the IT industry raced past me, site maintenance and updates – just beyond […]

The Yoga of Chaos

I remember seeing Shiva, one hand lifted, the other, holding his famous trident. His upraised hand seemed like an invitation ( the greeting of Native Americans), a warning (Stop! Pause!) , a beckoning ( Proceed!). I learned that his hand meant that the battle was already won. Jaya! Victory! was already at hand. Fear was no longer the handbrake. It had to be released. His hand, it was said, meant “No fear”. This is no small thing when moving through chaos, Shiva’s domain.

the rocky shoreline of St. Barth

Yoga in St. Barth

This is my pre-Amazon jungle post. Soon, I will be in a place with no cell phones or cell towers, no tvs, no prompts or alarms or beeps or bells or surveillance. I will be surrounded by nature’s garden. Hope to see you when I return, just in time to run the St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge. Here’s an article I wrote that appeared in the International Yoga Teachers Association annual publication. I think it captures the spirit of Yoga in St. Barth, and the spirt of Summer Camp. I hope you’ll join me!

Doorway to the Divine

Connecting to an intimate sense of source is something that has intrigued women since the dawn of time. This central relationship to selfhood and beyond is the matrix for all others. As women, we search for vehicles that take us to our own deep mysteries. The doorway to the divine. But, how do we get […]

The Green light Way

I was in New York shortly after Sandy hit. The Mega-storm. Of course,  I didn’t know there would be a Sandy when I bought my ticket and proposed a yoga detox workshop to a handful of women. I didn’t know that the last minute decision to fly into Newark and not LaGuardia would actually ensure […]

Go west

The fact that I am pulled out of step with the rythyms of my life, social life, professional life curiously make me more available. Instead of gasping breathlessly, I do things differently. I respect my commitments, but let go of the plans. I become more available.


Yoga raises questions. It is an internal vehicle that takes the practitioner into pause and reflect mode. And here is where we begin to learn something about ourselves, and ourselves as part of a natural world with both physical and metaphysical laws that operate within the fragmented part of pure being we both call “me”.


Up here, everything changes so quickly. A moment ago, the skyline turned a red the intensity of a matador’s cape. Seconds later, darkness came to the clouds, flattened into a foamy sea above which I am sailing.

if you build it….

Welcome to my cyber cafe transformational workshop, a musing wall, a community hall where the lessons from the Coming Home therapeutic intuitive healing and the yoga teaching I do are posted for the greater community. For more info about me, please go to

Practicing the slow flow of peace

On this day of Armistice, yoga practice was about letting the war really be over and finding that unless we take the time to intervene, modify or update our deeply ingrained habit patterns and thoughts, the bombs go off over and over again, convincing us that it is not safe to move back into the sacred heart.