Yoga through the years

            Hamsa hamsa. 5-5. 55. My current age. Behind me, three decades practicing yoga. Yoga through the years. My yoga path started with the venerable  Goswami Kriyananda. I met him in Paris while pursuing my training in the field of bio-energetics. In the lineage to which he had been named […]

Homeward through the haze

In the global swirl of events marked by  upheaval and utter chaos, I have been given to reflect upon how fragile the ground under us has become . A few weeks ago, while practicing at a yoga studio in a southeastern town of the United States, I came across a poster that was hung in the women’s […]

carrot peels

Meditation on Bullying

Yesterday morning, I had a rather embarrassing realization while climbing up a hill during a weekly nature walk with a group I’ve been leading. A few days ago, after a long day at work, I saw something on Facebook that struck me as funny. For a moment. Before I thought, before I pondered, I hit […]

The medicine of Reggae music

This blog is not about Summer Camp, my main focus these days. It’s about music. Reggae music. Thanks to SBJAM, a not-for-profit local association of hard-working, music-lovers in Saint Barth, the islanders of St. Barth have had the awesome privilege of listening to some of the best reggae music in the world. It’s the 10-year […]

the rocky shoreline of St. Barth

Yoga in St. Barth

This is my pre-Amazon jungle post. Soon, I will be in a place with no cell phones or cell towers, no tvs, no prompts or alarms or beeps or bells or surveillance. I will be surrounded by nature’s garden. Hope to see you when I return, just in time to run the St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge. Here’s an article I wrote that appeared in the International Yoga Teachers Association annual publication. I think it captures the spirit of Yoga in St. Barth, and the spirt of Summer Camp. I hope you’ll join me!

The Green light Way

I was in New York shortly after Sandy hit. The Mega-storm. Of course,  I didn’t know there would be a Sandy when I bought my ticket and proposed a yoga detox workshop to a handful of women. I didn’t know that the last minute decision to fly into Newark and not LaGuardia would actually ensure […]


Up here, everything changes so quickly. A moment ago, the skyline turned a red the intensity of a matador’s cape. Seconds later, darkness came to the clouds, flattened into a foamy sea above which I am sailing.

if you build it….

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