What is the Art of Self Care ?

In the multi-layered world of transformation, there is no blanket formula that will work for every individual. That is why there are different paths. I have walked many of them and found that eventually, all the spiritual portals lead to a sacred core. I celebrate this diversity.

Finding exactly the right medicine, internal setting and pulse for the mending of what is broken, empowerment of what is emerging and the personal growth that manifests as a result : that is the Art of Self Care.

I teach and share that art through a multi-modal, multi-dimensional toolkit developed over long decades of study, practice, and teaching. Its core is carefully constructed around private and group yoga instruction, one-on-one on-site or remote transformational work, and geo-inspired spiritual voyages to refresh and reset both inside and out.

My passion lies in accompanying people through the vital, scary, chaotic and raucously beautiful world of transformation. I help bring words and understanding to that process, connecting the seemingly parenthetical and ephemeral experiences of spiritual understanding and greater self awareness (the aha! moments) to everyday applications for more fulfilling, purpose-driven lives.


Diana Bourel is an American-Ecuadorian yoga instructor, transpersonal therapist and writer based in St. Barts with over 20 years experience in the field of wellness. She blends Eastern philosophy and medicine with Western techniques , combining indigenous and contemporary healing traditions to improve the physical, emotional, spiritual and physical registries of the contemporary human experience.

Diana is certified in yoga therapy, Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga. The aggregate knowledge of these different yoga styles are phrased to create an educational approach that gets students thinking. Heightened mobility, balance and mind/body awareness are the result.

Her signature Coming Home sessions – a combination of transpersonal work and bio-energetic therapy – and geo-inspired yoga detox workshops are an integral part of “The Art of Self Care” – a thoughtful combination of yoga, transformational counselling and healing arts techniques intended to create sustainable wellness experiences.

Her teaching and counselling work have been written up in leading publications like the London Times, Tatler, Fit Yoga, Town & Country, Coast, NY Magazine, the Robb Report and her wellness-themed writing has been published in national blog sites.

Visiting consultancies

Chiva-som, Kamalaya Thailand

Spa programs

Mind, Body and Spirit Program, Cap Juluca, Art of Self Care program, Anacaona Hotel

Yoga teaching camps

The St-Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge, an event held every year on the island of St. Barth

Yoga Detox programs

Foundations NY, Yoga Detox Jamaica, Yoga Detox Thailand, Yoga Detox Bikram Studio, Montreal Transformational

Shamanic Journeys

Panama, Peru, Ecuador


St Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge, INTV