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This November newsletter is the PS for St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge and lists new group classes at l’ Institut de Beauté Venus in Gustavia. Welcome!

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Each year, after St-Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge ends, I set my self the challenge of writing a synopsis to recap  our 5  challenge weeks together.  It’s hard to put a cave, the moon, or the personal growth I witnessed into words. It’s hard to speak about all of those little deaths and births, or to do justice to the poetry of those many moments that, when strung together, created a multidimensional, multicultural and multi-sensorial, full-body, full-mind experience.

If each Summer Camp edition has its singularities, this last edition distinguishes itself by the theme of synthesis, and, as importantly, change.

In fact, this 7th edition is the last to be held at the Espace Meteo, the weather station, where for 5 weeks for the past 4 years we came together in a spirit of study and transformation. I am so very happy you were able to share this last edition with me.

This doesn’t mean that Summer Camp or Yoga University has come to an end, only that, like in all other areas of life, this experience in its current format has come to an end. My task is to find a new home suitable for next year’s Challenge. Already, I have begun my search.

As a community, I found that we went farther and deeper than we ever have.

There is such a treasure trove of talent and love in each of you, and this year in particular, I marvelled at the level of exchange, revelation, personal growth, and the loving kindness that seemed to emanate naturally from all of this year’s participants. There were tears, labor pains and growing pains, but they were generously seasoned with spontaneous displays of affection, of joy, and the best medicine of all, laughter.

There are so many thank you’s I need to make, but among them, Nathalie Esperabé’s Summer Camp video was a real gem. You can still watch it on the blog section of my site,

Another emerging talent,  Greg Bosc , our soundscape engineer, enlightened our alfresco evening practice with his compelling mixes, now available on Soundcloud. Listening to the music will help you recall the sunsets we shared, the stars that came out, the shimmering sea, and the voyages we each made within.

This year as in previous ones, I had the privilege of practicing with fellow yogis that have shared the mat experience with me for many years. Ours is a story of shared visions, common purpose and spiritual friendship.

One of these ‘lifers’, Catherine Capron, left the island after Summer Camp.  I thank her for luminous presence. For the first time, she hosted a Yoga University event on intention and illustrated, as if any proof was needed, the depth of her quiet wisdom.

Another yogi friend, Sophie Olivaud, was away this year. She was in France studying under another more rigorous master : illness. This exacting taskmaster called her to use her considerable skills to conjure self-awareness through the healing process.

Yet another yogi, Morgane Bertin-Denis, another Yoga University instructor, moved to France to be closer to her family.

Two of our participants were practicing for two. Valentine and Karine, shared their pregnancies with us and their soft maternal glow made everything softer, reminding us of the always turning wheel of life.

Philippe et Ghislaine Stouvenot, who perfume our Summer Camp experience each year with their laughter, kindness and fun left earlier this year, called by business. They’ve recently acquired property in Montana, and we are already hounding them to host our Summer Camp Horse Yoga Challenge.

As for diversity, participants this year hailed from St. Barth, Guadeloupe, France, the USA, Sweden, England, Holland, South Africa, Russia, Italy, bringing locals and tourists together on a common path. This multicultural composition leads me to say that St. Barth is opening itself to the world, underscoring the fact that the soul has no frontier, no color, no shape, size, age, or religion.

I extend a deep deep thank you to each of the Yoga University instructors this year who shared time, wisdom and expertise in a variety of wellness subjects : Ashley Lacour, Laetitia Santarelli, Morgane Bertin-Denis , Anne Picard, Yves Bourel, Marie-Claude Garnier, Cécile Lucot, Olivier Dorne, Catherine Capron, the Janzu team (Yves, Nanda Mortier, Cécile and Greg Bosc).  Sister team Valentine and Chloé de Badereau and the St. Barth Juice Club accompanied us on our annual austerities : fasting and juicing, facilitating conscious eating, detox, and food as medicine. Sophie from Socuisine was also a participant in spirit. She was going to host a clean food seminar.  Her obstetrician and her little one decided that rest was the best yoga.

The space for our end- of -the -Challenge  old school St. Barth party was offered by Anabel and from afar, Martine Greaux, scuba diving off the coast of Saba, made sure we had food for days.

When the time came to pack up the show, so many helping hands magically appeared that we accomplished clean-up in record time. All the more appreciated as, 2 days later, I hopped on a plane for the USA.

Together, each one with his and her talents, visions and resources contributed to what will go do in St. Barth Summer Camp history as a grand cru.  A blue chip year.

To close, a word of love and appreciation for my husband and best friend, Yves, and my daughter Ananda, who each year, accompany my journey with good will, late night food, and indulge my crazy schedule. Without their understanding and support, I would never be able to abandon myself so completely to the experience.

I look forward to practicing with you soon. And on that note, read on for new season group class schedule!

I send you love, and applaud you each and all for this great work of love we created together. Keep creating. Keep practicing. Keep growing, and share your light with the rest of the world.




New season and new space for group and private yoga  and transpersonal Coming Home work.

Beginning on Nov.10, The Art of Self Care is located at the Venus Beauty and Spa Institute in Gustavia, 35, rue de la République next to the luxury watch boutique, Time. The studio space is intimate and welcoming and can accommodate up to 10 practitioners at a time.

NOTA: for the early morning and evening classes, the street door closes promptly at the start of class. The studio is located on the top floor, far from the maddening crowd!, and for insurance and safety purposes, the door locks. Please get to the studio a few minutes early. If you are running late (exceptionally) text or call me before class starts to let me know you are coming and give me an estimated time of arrival. For the courtesy of others, though, and so as to not interrupt class, arriving on time is best.

Below is the program for group classes :

Morning classes : 7 – 8:15 am from Monday through Saturday- Hatha Yoga  mix

Noon classes : Monday and Wednesday from 1:15 pm- 2:30 pm  – Yoga Dynamique

Evening Classes – Wednesday and Friday from 7:30 – 8:30 pm – Yoga Zen

*Thursday night  – 7-8 pm, Meditation circle at the Anglican church, open to all, and free.

New Space
























Single  : 25 euros

5-pack class : 100 euros

10-pack class : 150 euros

*Unlimited month : 165 euros

*For unlimited month, payment is due at the start of each month and the month runs for the calendar month. For this month, a pro-rata of 115 euros is charged.

Special rates : <25 years or over 70, – 10%.

All private classes are by appointment. You can find descriptions of the classes in the Services section of the site.


The newly created St. Barth Yoga & Wellness Association is hosting a conference on December 13 from 10 am – 12 pm at the Manapany Hotel. Professor Luu, a specialist in Chinese medicine and acupuncture will be speaking about how food and environment impacts our emotional state and overall health.

The conference is free to all association members. If you’d like to attend and are not yet a member, membership is 25 euros for the year and grants access to all of the association’s activities and events, some paying and others, like this conference, free.

If you’d like to join, please send me an email and I’ll send you a registration form. The conference is in French and there will be no English translation.

I wish all of you a wonderful season and hope to see you soon.


Diana Bourel

Portable : +590 690 499 921


Skype : divinemissd

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